About GTR-Registry.com

GTR-Registry.com is the worlds leading source of production data for the Nissan Skyline, Nissan GT-R, Nissan Stagea, Nissan Silvia & more.

By obtaining the production data, production numbers of each type and colour have been calculated, and option codes translated and applied. All model codes have been broken down so you can easily identify what they mean. All production data is located in easy to search VIN tables so you can easily find the information you are after.

Be sure to check out the Special Model pages which contain information about what makes each varient unique and how many of each built. Many also include copies of the original brochures that were created. There is a List of Discoveries made by GTR-Registry.com, along with Contact Information, Credits, FAQs, Links, and information on USA Import Dates and Nissan FAST.

GTR-Registry.com currently contains the production data of approximately 1,865,701 vehicles. This site uses the USA Model Year code for the Nissan R35 GT-R.

GT-R For Sale

GTR-Registry.com can sell your GT-R or help you source GT-Rs too. 

Take a look at our Page for more information.

We have various options available. Although we are known for sourcing and selling rare GT-Rs, we offer all types of R32 - R35 GT-R for sale.
  • Single Facebook post with photos of your car, text and contact information
  • Website listing with monthly Facebook posts
  • We can offer your GT-R for sale privately to our network of trusted potential buyers.

Buyers or Sellers: simply get in touch with us via FaceBook (preferred) or email.

Latest News

2019-10-15 by Mark
Recently our forum software was hacked due to a zero-day bug in the software, which resulted in us having to take the website down to resolve the issues. We have now resolved everything and we are back to 100%! Big thanks to Justin and Brendon for their assistance as this was quite technical and a lot of work. We're continuing to work very hard to provide new content and updates, so be sure to check back soon, or follow us on FaceBook for our updates.

2019-08-28 by Mark
Despite the front page not being updated for a long time, we've been working extremely hard on lots and lots of new pages and page updates. In order of page creations, we've added pages for the R32 Clubman Race Spec, R33 Clubman Race Spec, R34 Clubman Race Spec (and a page on how much this beast costs), R35 Clubman Race Spec, R35 50th Anniversary, new split pages for the MY15-16 Nismo, MY17-19 Nismo and MY20 Nismo. There's a new page on R34 GT-R police vehicles, R35 Club Sports Package, R35 Club Track Edition, R34 GT-R MotoRex vehicles, R35 GT-R Nismo RC, R35 2017 Suspension Version Up, R35 Sports Resetting (and Sports Resetting for GT-R Nismo), and R35 Version Up. We now have a page on the Nismo S1 VR38DETT engine, Chassis refresh and other Nismo services, and new pages for the MY15-16 N-Attack Package, MY17-19 N-Attack Package and new and updated pages for the MY13-15 Track, MY16 Track, MY17-19 Track and MY20 Track.

We've also done a heap of updates to other pages such as the R32 GT-R (Australia), R33 LM Limited, R33 N1 , R33 GT-R, R32 GT-R, R32 GT-R Nismo, and others that I can't even remember. Thanks to everyone who has helped along the way.

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