1990 Nissan R32 GTR Group E Falken Bathurst 12 Hour.
  • New Price!
  • 4th outright in 1993 Bathurst 12 Hour, kept in original Falken livery
  • 1992 Bathurst Pace Car
  • Nissan owned GT-R prototype for Australia
  • Media car featured in many publications 1990 - 1992
    including the actual car tested and winner of Wheels Car of the Year magazine

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    Installing and using Nissan FAST

    Download Nissan FAST
    Download WinRAR
    Download Daemon Tools Light

    Install WINRar

    Find your Nissan FAST download files and Run Part01.exe, Select a drive, ie C:\FAST

    Install Daemon Tools

    Go to C:\FAST, double click FAST.isz
    Go to BD-ROM Drive (G:\20131003_201055 or similar)
    Go to C:\NISSAN\FASTPRG\WIN2000\SETUP and run setup.exe
    Install to C:\NISSAN (or wherever you want)
    Copy all of G: to C:\NISSAN (about 11gb)

    Go to Control Panel > Fonts > Font Settings > Untick Hide Fonts based on language settings > OK

    Go to C:\NISSAN and run nfset.exe
    Go to CD-ROM SETUP, Drive1 and select Browse and set C:\NISSAN\NISSAN, Drive2 and select Browse and set C:\NISSAN\INF-ALL, Drive3 and select Browse and set C:\NISSAN\AR-JP
    Go to ALL > FONT > Select MS Gothic > OK

    In My Computer, Right click G: and select Eject. Uninstall Daemon Tools and WinRAR.

    Run Nissan from Start Menu, or nfmenu.exe
    Select a Region
    AR = Australia/NZ, CA = Canada, JP = Japan, EL = Europe LHD, ER = Europe RHD (UK), GL = General LHD, GR = General RHD, US = USA, CA INF = Canada Infiniti, EL INF = Europe LHD Infiniti, ER INF = Europe RHD (UK), US INF = USA Infiniti

    First time running will update some files and you'll need to reselect the region.
    Select FAST System

    To enter a VIN, For Japanese VIN, enter first first part of VIN (ie BNR34) in top left box, and then VIN serial in the next box to the right (ie 000051) and press enter. On this page you can see build date, model code, colour, interior code, body, engine, suspension, transmission and Grade. Remember that Grade does not mean Type. This is based in more detail from the model code. For example, For R34s, V-Spec II, V-Spec II N1, M-Spec, V-Spec II nur and M-Spec nur are all listed as a Grade of GTR/V2.

    Press CLR to clear all data.

    To see info sheet about a car, enter Model Series (ie R34) in Model Series.
    - Press OP to see all options in a list
    - Press MC to see all model codes in a list
    - Go to Abbreviations > Reference(Illus.) to see a layout of model code and options page with tables.

    To see a list of all available catalogs, click CLR then the CD icon.