1990 Nissan R32 GTR Group E Falken Bathurst 12 Hour.
  • 4th outright in 1993 Bathurst 12 Hour, kept in original Falken livery
  • 1992 Bathurst Pace Car
  • Nissan owned GT-R prototype for Australia
  • Media car featured in many publications 1990 - 1992
    including the actual car tested and winner of Wheels Car of the Year magazine

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    Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R Nismo Clubman Race Spec (CRS)

    CRS 2019 - :Official Photos | Body Engine | Cooling System Powertrain | Suspension Brakes | Interior Exterior
    New Photos December 2019 | GT-R Magazine FeatureLinks

    Note: There is no exact Clubman Race Spec Specification
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         Nismo CRSBase Car Colour  Info


    CRS 2019 -

    This section displays updated information and photos released by Nismo in 2019. The Nismo Clubman Race Spec is a package provided by Nismo which can be applied to existing customer owned cars. They are not entire cars for sale by Nismo.


    Official Photos



    Parts Manufacturer Specification
    Body Colour   Dark Metal Gray (M) <#KAD>
    Titanium Tower Bar Nismo  Weight: 1.5 kg ※ Nismo Measured Value
    Underfloor Reinforcement Bar Nismo Front (Carbon Steel Pipe) / Trunk (Aircraft Duralumin)
    Carbon Aluminum Honeycomb Kit Omori Omori F Original Menu
    Performance Damper Set Nismo Front and Back Set

    Titanium Tower Bar

    Underfloor Reinforcement Bar (front)

    Underfloor Reinforcement Bar (trunk)

    Performance Damper Set (front)

    Performance Damper Set (rear)



    Parts Manufacturer Specification
    RB26DETT Nismo S2 Specification
     ├ Injector Nissan Genuine 570cc for NISSAN GT-R (R35)
     ├ Delivery Pipe Nismo Exclusive Goods
     ├ Turbocharger Nissan BNR34 genuine
     ├ Camshaft Nismo  Exclusive Goods
     └ ECM Nismo  Exclusive Goods
    Exhaust System NE-1 Titanium Specification Nismo  Weight: 15.0 kg (compared to genuine-12.7 kg) ※ Measured Value of NISMO
    Air Cleaner Box Omori Made of Dry Carbon
    Carbon Air Inlet Pipe Nismo  Made of Dry Carbon
    Intake Collector Nismo  Collector volume 4.1 L
    Intercooler Nismo  H271 × W594 × D100
    Intercooler Piping Omori Made of Aluminium
    Oil Separator Nismo  Φ 50 Cylinder
    Engine Oil Nismo  COMPETITION OIL 2193E 5W40

    S2 Engine

    Exhaust System NE-1 Titanium Specification

    Carbon Air Inlet Pipe

    Intake Collector 


    Intercooler Piping

    Oil Separator



    Cooling System

    Parts Manufacturer Specification
    Engine Oil Cooler Kit Nismo H140 x W 294 x D50 (mm), 19 Stages, Made of Aluminum, with Air Guide

    Engine Oil Cooler Kit



    Parts Manufacturer Specification
    Super Coppermix Twin Plate Clutch Nismo Competition model
    Differential & Transmission Oil Nismo COMPETITION OIL 2189E 75W140

    Super Coppermix Twin Plate Clutch

    COMPETITION OIL 2189E 75W140



    Parts Manufacturer Specification
    Shock & Spring Ohlins DFV height adjustable
    Stabilizer Kit Nismo Front and Rear Kit, Diameter and Spring Constant Change Product
    LMGT4 Machining Logo Version Nismo 18 x 9.0 J, Inset 22, 5 Holes
    Tire Michelin Pilot Sport 4

    OHLINS Suspension

    Stabilizer kit (rear)

    LMGT4 Machining Logo Version



    Parts Manufacturer Specification
    Genuine Brembo Brake Kit for NISSAN GT-R Omori  
    Carbon Brake Air Guide Nismo Made of Dry Carbon

    Genuine Brembo Brake Kit for NISSAN GT-R

    Carbon Brake Air Guide



    Parts Manufacturer Specification
    Seat Omori Alcantara
    Steering Omori Genuine Leather Retapping (NISMO Steering)
    Floor Mat Nismo 5 Mats
    Floor Omori Sound Absorption and Insulation Kit (Front and Back)
    Carbon Rear View Mirror Nismo Made of Carbon

    Seat (Alcantara)

    Steering (Leather Replacement / NISMO Steering)



    Parts Manufacturer Specification
    Headlight - N1 Specification + LED
    Number plate Surround (front) Nismo Made of Carbon
    Aero STD GT-R NISMO Specification
    Carbon Exhaust Guard Omori Made of Dry Carbon


    New Photos December 2019


    GT-R Magazine #146 Feature


    Nismo Clubman Race Spec