Nissan Skyline26 Autech Version

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Skyline26 Autech Version 191
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Official Image


Changes from Standard

RB26DE Engine
Exclusive front and rear fenders.

Rear Spoiler with LED brake light
Twin fog lamps.


VIN Plate

All Skyline26 Autech Version cars model code end in Y2. Possible combinations are:
RNR32GASMY2 (154)
RNR32GASMZY2 (27) + Cold Weather Model
RNR32GASMNY2 (5) + Airbag
RNR32GASMTY2 (5) + Airbag + Cold Weather Model

Looking for a photo of VIN plate!


Nissan Skyline26 Autech Version Brochure

Scans sourced from Autech Japan