Nissan Skyline GTR Autech Version 40th Anniversary 4 Door Sedan

Production Numbers:
1 x KN6 Dark Grey Pearl.
43 x LP2 Midnight Purple.
119 x QM1 White.
253 x KR4 Sonic Silver.
= 416 x Autech 4 Door R33 GTR .

        VIN Model Code         Specifications Notes
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        VIN Model Code Type Date Colour   Specifications Notes

Changes from Standard

Autech fitted the R33 GTR drivetrain to the sedan body.

VIN Plate

All Autech GTRs have the model code of BGJPRQFR33ZZAP93AZ except for BCNR33-043574 which has BGJPRQFR33ZZAP93EZ.

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R33 Skyline GTR Autech Version 40th Anniversary Brochure

Scans sourced from JezBoosted collection.