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Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R V-Spec N1

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V-Spec N1 (Series 1) 55*
V-Spec N1 (Series 2) 21
V-Spec N1 (Series 3) 10
Total 86* 
* As there are some pre-production cars with unknown details that are probably also V-Spec N1 (S1), the exact number is unknown.
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Official Image


Changes from Standard

The following information is reproduced with permission. Written by Aki Itoh of r33gt-r.com.

To Increase Durability:
1. Turbo chargers used metal turbines
2. Thickness of piston second land increased from 4.0mm to 4.6mm
3. Changes to material used in con-rod bearings
4. Strengthened air inlet hosing
5. Use of air cooled oil cooler
6. Larger vanes in water pump
7. Strengthened areas around cylinder boss head bolt boss, N1 engine (block stamped 24U).

To Increase Response:
8. Thinner piston ring gap (top and second - from 1.5mm to 1.2mm)
9. Changes to cam profiles (the exhaust side overlap - 0 to 5 degrees)

To Increase Cooling Ability:
10. Placement of 2 engine cooling slits
11. Air ducts in bumper
12. Elimination of screen in bumper
13. Placement of "hood top molding"

Chassis Related:
14. Use of multiple oil coolers (optional)

Aerodynamics related:
15. Change to shape of rear spoiler
CD: 0.35 -> 0.35
CLF: 0.09 -> 0.01
CLR: 0.14 -> 0.15
(numbers are compared to standard R33 GT-R)

16. Use of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic) front undercover.

17. No radio
18. No rear window wiper/washer
19. No UV cut glass windows
20. No passenger airbag
21. No Air Conditioning

Price of the N1 car was about 1,200,000 yen more than GT-R, and 700,000 yen more than the V-Spec model.


VIN Plates

All Series 1 V-Spec N1 have the model code of GGJPRWFR33ZDA--C--
All Series 2 V-Spec N1 have the model code of GGJPRWFR33ZDA--N--
All Series 3 V-Spec N1 have the model code of GGJPRWFR33ZDA--R--
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R33 GT-R V-Spec N1 Brochure

Scans and VIN plate provided by Terry Tung-Yep.