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Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R Japanese Auction Sales Results

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This is not a complete list of auction sales results. This is a list of all available information. There is a large gap in 2017 due to USS Auctions stopping publishing of results.

Unsold cars and damaged cars are not listed. Nor are dealers prices or any auction outside of Japan.

ALWAYS GET A VEHICLE INSPECTED BY A REPUTABLE COMPANY IN PERSON. Do not ever rely solely on the auction house grading. Ensure the auction sheet is fully translated. We have seen many high grade vehicles in poor condition. Some vehicles will get auction grades of R (repaired) simply for replacing the front fenders or for paint corrections. There are some vehicles with large amounts of rust given high grades - they have not been repaired. GET AN INSPECTION DONE IN PERSON.

A * next to the mileage indicates a non original odometer. Some cars have documented odometer changes, some do not. Check the auction sheet. Click Mileage and Price to see highest and lowest mileage and price results.

All mileage numbers have been rounded up to the nearest thousand except for those cars with a total mileage of under one thousand. Default search is newest result first.

FOB vs Sale Price: Some of our sales price data is displayed as FOB (and always noted whenever possible). This is the price delivered to the dock and includes various fees and transport costs.

For privacy reasons I have not cross referenced the VIN with the sales price.

How much will it cost to get a car legal on the road? Depends on your country! Check out the Import Cost Calculators (general guide only) and current exchange rates. Please use these sales results for insurance valuations!

Auction Grade Ratings: 5 - New; 4.5 Very good; 4 - Good; 3.5 - Average; 3 - Poor; R - Repaired; NG - No Grade.

Don't forget to check out the graphs at the bottom of the page!
Sales Records Date Colour Mileage Grade Price
V-Spec II Nür 2018-01-12 White 10 NG 32,000,000
V-Spec II 2016-09-29  White 450 5 12,035,000 
V-Spec 2018-09-27 Active Red 23,000* 4.5 9,880,000
Midnight Purple II 2018-08-02   48,000* 4 9,125,000
     Auction Date    Mileage*PriceNotes
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     Auction DateTypeGradeColour Mileage*PriceNotes


Auction Results Graph All Available Data 2013-01 - 2018-10


Auction Results Graph Excluding Top 3 Sales All Available Data 2013-01 - 2018-10

This graph excludes the top 3 sales to give a better view of the majority of sales data.


Auction Locations

USS Tokyo 59.7%
USS Nagoya 18.3%
Everywhere else 22.0%