1990 Nissan R32 GTR Group E Falken Bathurst 12 Hour.
  • 4th outright in 1993 Bathurst 12 Hour, kept in original Falken livery
  • 1992 Bathurst Pace Car
  • Nissan owned GT-R prototype for Australia
  • Media car featured in many publications 1990 - 1992
    including the actual car tested and winner of Wheels Car of the Year magazine

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    Nissan GT-R R35: Club Track Edition

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    Note: The following is a list of known Club Track Edition vehicles. It is not a complete list. Unfortunately most of the images from the original Nismo pages are unavailable.
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    Club Track Edition

    The Club Track Edition is a circuit only version (although it was possible to make it in to a street car with some minor modifications). This R35 GT-R was designed specifically for the track, so that owners could fully embrace the performance of the vehicle. The GT-R development team worked with several third parties to perform the modifications to the vehicle for it to become a Club Track Edition. These companies include NISMO Omori Factory, Nova Engineering and NordRing in Japan.

    To purchase the vehicle meant joining the Prestige Club of GT-R. This cost 1,000,000 yen up front and an annual cost of 2,000,000 yen (increasing in the final year). An entity called Authorized Servicefactory Association was created to oversee the club.

    In additon, vehicles must be stored on consignment with the Authorized Servicefactory Association, at an annual cost of 1,000,000 yen (increasing in the final year).

    Content included in the contract include:
    - Vehicle storage and maintenance (vehicle inspection before and after circuit driving).
    - Replacement of consumable parts (slick tire, brake rotor, brake pad) free of charge once a year / club vehicle transportation to the event (Club Cup Race).

    The Authorized Servicefactory Association also ran the Nissan GT-R Prestige Cup. This was a racing series for owners of the Club Track Edition to participate in. Many of these races were conducted before the Japanese Grand Touring Championship events. This was paid for by the fees of being a member of the Prestige Club of GT-R (which was a requirement). In 2013 there was 6 races.

    Finally, owners could join the Racing School Program. The Racing School Program held racing schools and with one-on-one training by professional drivers. The cost was 2,000,000 per year. For this you received:
    - 4 race races held annually / show at NISMO festival.
    - Providing a driving skill improvement program based on individual lessons tailored to the skills of the participants.
    - Providing a racing skill improvement program using data loggers, in-vehicle images, GPS, etc. for acquiring racing skills from basic to advanced.
    - Provide a race simulation program each time.
    - Providing a vehicle setup skill improvement program based on automotive engineering.
    - Toshio Suzuki, who is a development driver for NISSAN GT-R, Motoki Moriwaki, NISMO contract driver, etc., will teach each program.
    - Providing a special technical lesson program with full cooperation of the NISSAN GT-R development team, led by Mr. Kazutoshi Mizuno, the development manager.
    - Show at the NISMO Festival (since 2011).

    The program and vehicles modifications changed slightly over its run from 2011 to 2013. The original program documentation and a couple of demo cars shows a CBA MY11 (USA model year) car however the customer cars are DBA (MY12 USA) R35 GT-Rs.


    Official Photos


    Club Track Edition 2011

    Vehicle Name NISSAN GT-R Club Track edition
    Vehicle Specifications Circuit driving only specification (number registration not possible *)
    Body color can be chosen from Brilliant white pearl <#QAB>, Meteoflakes black pearl <#GAG>, Aurora flare blue pearl <#RAY>, Vibrant red <#A54> or Dark metal gray <#KAD>. 
    * Since the base vehicle is a type-designated automobile of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., number registration is possible Note 1) , but restoration of parts for exclusive use in circuits is required separately for number registration. In addition, the boarding capacity is two people.
    Note 1) Implementation of number registration will be after the third year after acquiring a new car.
    Vehicle body price 10,479,000 yen (including tax) 9,980,000 yen (excluding tax) (4-point roll cage specification)
    11,130,000 yen (including tax) 10,600,000 yen (excluding tax) (6-point roll cage specification)
    42,000 yen (including tax) 40,000 yen (excluding tax) Special Paint Colour (Brilliant white pearl / Meteor Lake Black Pearl / Aurora Laurea Blue Pearl
    Manufacturer Base vehicle / Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. 
    Circuit vehicle / Authorized Servicefactory Association
    Dealership company NISMO Omori Factory 
    Nova Engineering Co., Ltd. 
    * Allow 3 to 4 months for delivery of vehicle.
    Warranty Not applicable


    Main Equipment

    Safety equipment Automatic fire extinguisher
    Bonnet pin (Fr / Rr)
    Towing hook
    Suspension Bilstein exclusive shock absorber / Adjustable vehicle height, Adjustable damping force 2WAY
    Dedicated front upper link
    Brake Brake air guide
    Control system Dedicated ECM (Engine Control Module)
    Dedicated TCM (Transmission Control Module)
    Dedicated ABS / VDC unit
    Electrical system NISMO MFD lap sensor kit
    NISMO MFD data logger kit
    Cooling system Front differential cooler / NACA duct installed
    Rear differential cooler / NISMO rear differential oil cooler
    Exterior Front lip spoiler
    Front under cover
    Bucket seats are not equipped on this vehicle. Must be selected as an option.


    Vehicle Specifications

    Base vehicle NISSAN GT-R (R35)
    Vehicle model NISSAN DBA-R35
    Full length 4,670mm
    Full width 1,895mm
    Height 1,360mm
    Wheelbase 2,780mm
    Tread (front) 1,590mm
    Tread (back) 1,600mm
    Vehicle weight 1,660kg
    Engine model VR38DETT (DOHC V-6 cylinder)
    Cylinder inner diameter x stroke 95.5 × 88.4mm
    Total displacement 3,799cc
    Maximum output 390kW (530ps)
    Maximum torque 612 N · m (62.5 kgm)
    Fuel supply device Nissan EGI electronic fuel injection system
    Fuel used and tank capacity Unleaded premium gasoline 74L
    Transmission type GR6 type dual clutch transmission
    Reduction ratio 1st speed 4.056
    2nd speed 2.301
    3rd speed 1.595
    4-speed 1.248
    5-speed 1.001
    6-speed 0.796
    Backward 3.383
    Final reduction ratio 3.7
    Drive system 4-wheel drive
    Steering gear type Rack & pinion type with electronic control power assist
    Suspension (Fr) Independent suspended double wishbone type
    Suspension (Rr) Independent suspension multi-link type
    Brake (Fr) Ventilated disc type
    Brake (Rr) Ventilated disc type
    WHEEL & TIRE  
    Wheel size (Fr) 20 x 9.5J offset +45
    Wheel size (Rr) 20 × 10.5J offset +25
    Tire size (Fr) Dunlop exclusive slick tire 265 / 710R20
    Tire size (Rr) Dunlop exclusive slick tire 290 / 710R20
    Engine oil COMPETITION OIL type 2193E (5W40)
    Gear oil COMPETITION OIL type 2189E (75W140)


    Optional Parts

    costs and
    tax included
    Consumable Parts   Slick Tire Kit 315,000 231,000
    Brake Rotor kit   406,350 388,500
    Pad kit   285,600 270,900
    Optional Parts Exterior Rear wing set (made of carbon)   817,950 789,600
    Trunk lid (made of carbon)   385,350 369,600
    Trunk lid spoiler (carbon)   78,750 73,500
    Rear bumper cover upper   303,450 267,750
    Interior 6-point roll cage (2 front points added) * Note 1   402,150 178,500
    Door trim (carbon / driver seat + passenger seat)   576,450 546,000
    Bucket seat (with bracket) RECARO 495,600 477,750
    NISMO cooling seat 929,250 892,500
    Passenger footboard   106,050 94,500
    6-point seat belt for passenger seat   73,500 58,800
    Center console (made of carbon) Main 298,200 283,500
    Rear 210,000 195,300
    Quarter trim (carbon) Upper 657,300 635,250
    Lower 510,300 488,250
    Rear speaker cover (made of carbon)   269,850 254,100
    Engine Powertrain Transmission cooler   578,550 535,500
    Engine oil separator   73,500 48,300
    Aluminum Wheel Original aluminum wheel Front 186,900 186,900
    Rear 192,150 192,150
    Other In-vehicle camera stay (carbon)   54,600 54,600
    MM data logger kit   369,600 369,600
    Scheduled release Wheel NordRing Wheel Front - -
    Rear - -
    * Note 1) The 6-point roll cage must be installed at the same time as the door trim (carbon / driver seat + passenger seat)
    Improved rigidity and safety
    Cold air is ejected from the back and seat

    * A single sheet. Photo helmet and cooling unit are not included.
    Full bucket seat made by RECARO


    Racing Program Schedule

    Schedule Venue
    Early April 2011 (Saturday) Sendai Highland Raceway
    Early July 2011 (weekdays) Fuji Speedway
    Early September 2011 (Saturday) Sendai Highland Raceway
    Early December '11 (Saturday)
    * The day before the NISMO Festival
    Fuji Speedway
    'December 11 early Sunday (Sunday)
    * NISMO Festival
    Fuji Speedway


    Club Track Edition 2012

    Not much changes for the 2012 year.

    The price increases to:
    10,794,000 yen (including tax) 10,280,000 yen (excluding tax) for 4-point roll cage specification)
    11,445,000 yen (including tax) 10,900,000 yen (excluding tax) for 6-point roll cage specification)

    Maximum output is listed at 404kW (550ps) or more and torque at 632Nm.

    There are no listed dates for the Prestige Cup or training that I can find.


    Club Track Edition 2013

    2013 saw the introduction of the names Club Track Edition Type R and Club Track Edition Type S.

    The Type R car was for participation in the Prestige Cup races and was the 6 point roll cage version. The Type S car was for participation in the Nissan GT-R Racing School program and was fitted with the 4 point roll cage.

    Again the prices increased:
    Club Track Edition Type R 11,707,500 yen (including tax) 11,150,000 yen (excluding tax).
    Club Track Edition Type S 10,899,000 yen (including tax) 10,380,000 yen (excluding tax).

    The Prestige Cup entry fee increased to 2,200,000 yen while the storage fee increased to 1,500,000 yen.
    The Racing School program fee stayed the same at 2,000,000 yen however there is now a charge listed for storage which is 1,000,000 yen.

    The Prestige Cup ran 5 events in 2013:
    Rd.1 / April 21 (Sun) @ Sportsland SUGO [Saturday, 20th is the practice day]
     * Introductory race name: "Super Endurance Series 2013 Round 1"
    Rd.2 / June 1 ( Sat) @ Fuji Speedway [Travel day on May 31 (Friday)]
     * Transfer race name: “The One Make Race Festival 2013 Fuji”
    Rd.3 / 8/10 (Sat) @ Fuji Speedway [ 9th (Friday) Practice Day]
     * Transfer Race Name: “Super Endurance Series 2013 Round 4”
    Rd.4 / Saturday, September 7-8 (Sun) @ Fuji Speedway [September 6 (Friday is the practice day)
     * Transfer race name: “2013 SUPER GT Rd.6 Fuji 300km race”
    Rd. 5 / early December (Saturday / Sunday) @Fuji Speedway
     * Transfer race name: “Undecided”

    The Racing School ran 4 times in 2013:
    Rd.1 (April 20): Sportsland SUGO 
    Rd.2 (mid-July): Fuji Speedway 
    Rd.3 (mid-October): Suzuka Circuit 
    Rd.4 (Early December): NISMO Festival (scheduled) (Fuji Speedway) 


    Club Track Edition Production

    Roll cage painted same colour as vehicle.
    The bonnet and trunk lid can be opened and closed from the outside in the event of an emergency, so the bonnet pin (fastener) is installed without the standard function.
    This is an automatic fire extinguisher for when there is an emergency. Nozzles for spraying fire extinguishing agents are installed in the engine bay (4 places) and interior (2 places), and various piping is installed. The blue part is the spray nozzle.
    On the undercarriage, the shock absorber and front upper link are replaced, and the brake air guide is installed.
    In addition to roll cages, a new steering wheel, bucket seats, heat insulation to protect the feet are installed to the interior.
    In addition, a circuit-only vehicle is completed with cooling parts and lap sensors. The completed vehicle will be checked on the circuit after alignment, and delivered to the customer.


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