1990 Nissan R32 GTR Group E Falken Bathurst 12 Hour.
  • 4th outright in 1993 Bathurst 12 Hour, kept in original Falken livery
  • 1992 Bathurst Pace Car
  • Nissan owned GT-R prototype for Australia
  • Media car featured in many publications 1990 - 1992
    including the actual car tested and winner of Wheels Car of the Year magazine

  • GTR-Registry.com » Nissan GT-R R35 Portal » Nissan GT-R R35: Nismo N Attack Package for GT-R Nismo (MY15 - MY16)

    GTR-Registry.com » Nismo Portal » Nissan GT-R R35: Nismo N Attack Package for GT-R Nismo (MY15 - MY16)

    Nissan GT-R R35: Nismo N Attack Package for GT-R Nismo (MY15 - MY16)

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    This page is covering the Nismo N Attack Package for GT-R Nismo MY15 and MY16. It only displays a list of known cars wth this package.
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    Nismo N Attack Package Press Release

    Nissan Press Release USA
    Nissan Press Release Japan

    Nissan exhibits NISMO N Attack Package for GT-R NISMO at Tokyo Auto Salon

    YOKOHAMA, Japan – Nissan Motorsports International Co., Ltd. (NISMO) exhibited the NISMO N Attack Package –a special option package for the Nissan GT-R NISMO – at the 2014 Tokyo Auto Salon.

    The Nissan GT-R NISMO with the NISMO N Attack Package set the fastest record of a 7 minutes 8.679 seconds lap in volume production cars at the Nordschleife (North Course) on Germany's Nürburgring.

    In November of 2013, Nissan revealed the factory-tuned Nissan GT-R NISMO, the flagship model of its NISMO lineup, featuring the best technologies NISMO has developed from roughly 30 years' racing experience, and with aerodynamic performance inherited from its SUPER GT counterpart alongside equally precise handling, makes for the ultimate in factory tuning.

    The NISMO N Attack Package being announced here is the commercially available version of what NISMO has specially developed for its time attack efforts with the Nissan GT-R NISMO on the Nordschleife of the Nürburgring, and features suspension and aerodynamics which have been optimized to match the track's characteristics. Details such as pricing, specification and sales method will be announced around summer.

    Key Features
    • Enhanced aerodynamics, designed for the demands of the ultrahigh speeds on the Nurburgring
    • Reduction of overall body weight
    • Suspension tuning tailored to the unique undulating track surface of the Nurburgring Nordschleife
    Package Contents (Components)

    Part Component parts
    Dedicated intercooler piping (carbon & aluminum)
    Titanium exhaust (Nissan optional parts)
    Front L.S.D.
    Rear L.S.D. (carbon plate)
    Dedicated ECM & TCM
    Dedicated shocks and springs (OHLINS-brand 4-way)
    Dedicated stabilizers (variable roll-rigidity type)
    Dedicated front brake pads
    Exterior: Dedicated carbon front fenders (with flick)
    Dedicated carbon hood gurney
    Dedicated front add-on spoiler
    Dedicated carbon rear wing (With two-point height adjustment mechanism, 12-point angle regulating mechanism)

    Dedicated full bucket seats (RECARO brand, carbon shell type)
    Rear seat finisher
    Dedicated carbon rear bulkhead

    Component names are subject to change. For those who have selected the manufacturer-option titanium exhaust, we are planning to also offer exhaust-less packages.




    Engine & Powertrain

    Part Specifications A Kit B Kit
    Dedicated Intercooler Piping Made of Carbon -
    Dedicated ECM & TCM Characteristic Change Product
    Dedicated Front LSD Mechanical 1.5 way -
    Dedicated Rear LSD Mechanical 2 way, Carbon Plate -
    Dedicated Intercooler Piping Dedicated LSD


    Suspension & Brake

    Part Specifications A Kit B Kit
    Dedicated Shock & Spring Shock: OHLINS product, adjustable height, damping force adjustment 4WAY
    Dedicated Stabilizer Roll Stiffness Variable Type
    Dedicated Front Brake Pad Friction Material Change Product
    Dedicated Shock & Spring Dedicated Front Brake Pad



    Part Specifications A Kit B Kit
    Dedicated Carbon Front Fender Made of dry carbon, with Flick
    Dedicated Front add-on Spoiler Rubber
    Dedicated Carbon Rear Wing Wing Part: Dry Carbon Made
    Leg Part: Aluminum + Dry Carbon Cover
    Height Adjustment Function (2 Steps), Angle Adjustment Function (12 Steps)
    Dedicated Carbon Front Fender Dedicated Front add-on Spoiler Dedicated Rear Wing



    Part Specifications A Kit B Kit
    Dedicated Full Bucket Seat Right and Left, Made by RECARO, Carbon Shell Type (1)
    Quilted Cross Mat Replaces Reat Seats -
    Dedicated Carbon Rear Bulkhead Made of Dry Carbon -
    (1) Drivers Seat Only Optional
    Dedicated Full Bucket Seat Quilted Cross Mat Replace Rear Seat Dedicated Carbon Rear Bulkhead


    Nismo N Attack Price List

    Part Price (Yen) Note Information
    Nismo N Attack Package A Kit (1) 8,200,000 (2, 3) 2 Seating Capacity
    B Kit 4,200,00 (2) 4 Seating Capacity
    Optional Parts Dedicated Carbon Hood Gurney (4) 80,000 (5) Made of Dry Carbon
    Competition Only (Not for Public Road Use)
    Clear Painted
    6-point Seat Belt (6) 100,000 (5) WILLANS 3-inch full harness (2-inch shoulder)
    Competition Only (Not for Public Road Use)
    Dedicated Full Bucket Seat
    Driver's Seat) for B Kit Only
    650,000 (5)  
    (1) For A Kit, Titanium Exhaust is required (which is a genuine Nissan option).
    If vehicle is not equipped, separate purchase required.
    (2) The price includes parts cost, assembly fee and painting cost.
    It may cost extra depending on the paint color and condition of car.
    (3) Expenses related to structural change notification (from 4 seating capacity to 2 seating capacity are not included.
    (4) It is necessary to make a hole in the bonnet for assembly.
    (5) The price does not include installation costs.
    (6) It is necessary to make a hole in the body for assembly.
    NISMO N Attack Package is a package dedicated to NISSAN GT-R NISMO.
    We do not carry out construction to other grades and single item sales.
    The following parts must be surrended:
    Intercooler Pipe
    Front Differential & Rear LSD
    Rear Wing
    Aluminum Die Cast Bulkhead
    The N Attack Package can be applied to new or lightly used GT-R Nismo vehicles.
    Contact Nismo before proceeding with used vehicle.






    Brochure PDF
    Top Gear Article - Lots of really great photos on the N Attack Package parts.