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  • [ V-Spec II ] BNR34-402249 - 2001 Bayside Blue

    My name is Drew and im the proud owner of this 2001 BNR34 GT-R Bayside Blue V-Spec II.
    Located Sydney, Australia

    The car was purchased form Pro Stock Racing Japan in April 2014 with Troy from Iron Chef Imports helping me get the car checked out and delivered to in Australia.
    I am the second owner and it had been garaged and was and is a non smokers car.
    I have all the log books ect for all the services / work carried out on the car from when the original owner first purchased the car. Took me while to save up the money and to find the one that i wanted but the wait was well worth it.

    ‚ÄčThe specs list isn't as impressive as most out there but im trying. It's a slow build due to funds.

    One of the biggest things i want to change is the wheels to to a set of LMGT4's in bronze. Just have to be patient till i find that great set.


    Still stock. Haven't decided if i want to touch it as yet.

    NISMO GT500 Titanium gear knob
    NISMO 320km/h Dash
    Alpine IVE-W535ABT 6.1" head unit

    NISMO Rear Pods
    NISMO Side Skirts
    NISMO Led Tail Lights
    NISMO Smoked Side Indicators
    NISMO Smoked front Indicators
    Carbon Rear Spoiler Flap
    Restored Rearcarbon Diffuser
    Restored NACA Duct
    New Front Cowl
    All the Glass has Been Polished

    Wheels / Tyres
    Bronze Rays RE30 18 x 9.5 J15 VR - with center caps
    Michelin Pilot Sport 3 - 265/35zr18
    NISMO S Tune Wheel Nuts

    Tein mono Flex Coil-Overs
    Ikeya Formula IFAK 10002 - Front Upper Link Camber Arms
    Ikeya Formula IFAK 08002 - Rear Camber Arms

    HKS Front Pipes
    Magna Flow - 100cfm High Flow Cat
    Powerhouse Amuse R1 Titan 90cm Pipe

    Dress Up
    Password JDM Dress Washers and Bolts
    Garage Defend Style Carbon Cooling Panel

    Hope you like my beast. Fantastic web site too guys. Very informative.

    Car at Pro Sport Racing Japan getting inspected by Troy from Iron Chef Imports

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    Heres some before and after pics of when i restored the rear diffuser and of the restored NACA duct. Also painted up some other bits that were looking a little old and in need of a clean up.

    Cleaned up the rims as well getting rid of those tar spots on the inner rim.

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      More of the rear diffuser restoration.
      Everyone should if they don't want to restore the carbon should at least do the brackets before they rust away and should also change the rusty old bolts and rivets.
      I have also included in the pics the part numbers for new collars (spacers). These are spacers for the fins.

      I have also had a few questions re how i restored the diffuser and what i used.

      Materials: 800, 1500, 2000 grit wet dry sand paper.
      Note: Don't sand too hard or you risk rubbing through the UV coating and hitting the carbon weave. Take your time, being patient here is key.

      I used the 800 grit to first get rid of any bumps. Then i started with the 1500 grit to remove the coating to a very thin layer just before i hit the carbon weave. The 2000 grit was used just to finish it all off so that it was all even and ready to clear coated. This was done at my local panel shop who i had used before.
      After all was polished i gave the diffuser two coats on each side of the Chemicals Guys Jetseal 109 paint sealant to help protect it.


      Clear coating around $200
      Wet dry sand paper $25
      Powder coating $220
      Replacement nuts / washers $35
      Password JDM dress washers $30
      Collars (12) $39.60

      So for a total of $549.60 i have a fully restored diffuser that will now probably outlast me.
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        Aqua commented
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        Awesome work man! Would love to get my NACA duct and rear diffuser restored too!

        A few questions if you don't mind:
        1) Which shop did you go to?
        2) Which replacement nuts / washers did you get?
        3) The collars, the washers and nuts/washers are all you need? Are there any other bolts or rivets etc that I will need?


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      Bit of exhaust pawn. Changed over form the HKS Super turbo exhaust to the Power House Amuse R1 Titan 90mm pipe. Straight bolt on exhaust.
      Yes it's louder than the HKS exhaust but so worth it. (well for me anyway)
      Price wise it cost me just under $4,000 including taxes ect. This wont be for everyone but now its on and hearing it, im happy i spent the money.

      Now i can hear the great note of the RB26. Music to my ears.


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        The cowl was looking a little on the weathered and faded side so was time to be replaced along with a new set of brake line clamps. One was broken and the other two were looking quite yellow.
        Just in case anyone wants to order these from Nissan i have added the part numbers for you.
        You can see in the pics once i took off the old cowl there was quite a lot of dirt under there. I also replaced the rusty looking nuts with some new stainless ones.

        Cowl - NI-66862-AA000 - $178.47
        Cowl clips x 2 - NI-66820-61U00 - $8.34
        Brake line clamps x 3, Engine bay - NI-46289-15U10 - $60.00


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          This sexy bit of kit turned up today from Rize Japan. My new Titanium Hood prop. This looks awesome.


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            Some pics of the beast from the Fitted Festival car show and the Blacklist Showoff Saturday car meet.


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              Had some Billet radiator brackets made up. They have been anodized black with the GTR embossed on them. Came up really good. Just in case anyone wants some custom work done i have they made by Give them a call or email. Very professional and the service was fantastic. Will be having some other custom bits done in the future.
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                Got my hands on a rare find. A pair of brand new still in there boxes bronze LMGT4's 18x9.5+12. Now on the hunt for another pair to match. Wont be easy. If anyone knows of any drop me a message. Must be new or in immaculate condition.