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  • [ V-Spec II ] BNR34-402489 TV2 Bayside Blue, 10/2001 - in Germany

    V-Spec II, 2001-10, TV2 Bayside Blue, #1383/1855


    i'm Can, born in 86 and i'm a big jdm-guy since i have a drivers licence. I'm doing everything myself, i learned a lot about engine mechanics and all the stuff. I have my own little workshop with all the tools you'd expect from professional workshops After nearly 10 years of Subaru STI and some Honda years before that...
    i purchased this car in April 2018 with 67k on oem cluster, it has been imported to germany already and was gone through all the TÜV procedure to be legal for registration BUT was not registered yet. So i bought and registered it and became officially the first owner in germany.

    The car was almost stock. It had some small mods but nothing special. So i asked some BNR34 owners here in germany. They told me, what to buy, the do's and don'ts, possible errors,... and so i started finding and importing parts, watching many many Videos on youtube like motive video... and after many many Euros got away from my wallet and more and more parts arrived, it's now time so do the big "build".

    My initial step was the look of the car. In stock condition the car was too plain, so i got coilovers, and spacers for the stock wheels. Man, that was the best upgrade you can do to the look of the car! It looked like a GTR... not like a type of SUV with too much wheel offset....

    The HKS turbos were already mounted, so i knew i had to tune the car soon. But i'm a person of "do it proper" so i got ALL the goodies for a proper tune. The ECU, all the needed sensors, the ignition, proper fuel delivery, etc.
    The car will run on pump gas. Luckily germany has very good premium fuels, like the ARAL 102 octane. Getting E85 or something is on the other hand very difficult here.
    Now the next step will be the tune with the new setup.
    these were the sellers pictures:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	6.jpg
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Name:	2.jpg
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    first parts:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	33595222_460344714405179_4426043221063237632_o.jpg
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Name:	IMG_0942.JPG
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    this is the actual situation:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	image_5885.jpg
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ID:	8396

    Has now an actual mileage of 80k km. and is only driven in summer on good weather weekends.

    my mod list

    [ ] parts ready to install now
    [ ] (later planned)
    [ X ] parts mounted on car

    engine specs and mods:
    [ ] Link G4X ECU
    [ ] Beru IAT sensor
    [ ] AEM 3port solenoid
    [ ] rear diff, exhaust and other temp sensors
    [ X ] 3,5" Top Secret Exhaust
    [ X ] Mine's Downpipe
    [ ] Mocal Oil Cooler
    [ ] BOSCH ADV o2 sensor
    [ ] Injector dynamics IDX1050
    [ X ] HKS GT-SS Turbine Kit
    [ ] HKS 11mm Fuelrail
    [ ] deatschwerks DW400 fuelpump
    [ ] SARD jet pump killer
    [ ] HKS FPR
    [ ] apexi super suction kit with MAF delete
    [ ] HKS SuperSQV
    [ ] 200cell sports catalyzer
    [ ] Tomei timing belt
    [ ] Tomei cam gears
    [ ] Tomei Poncam typeB
    [ ] Tomei oil pan baffle plates
    [ ] reimax cam cover baffle plate
    [ ] nismo twin plate competition clutch
    [ ] ross performance CAS-trigger kit with liquid damper
    [ ] ross performance head oil drain

    [ ] (hi octane oil sump extension)
    [ ] (nitto oil pump)
    [ ] (nitto oil gallery restrictors)
    [ ] (bigger intercooler)
    [ ] (PRP engine brace)
    [ ] (PRP R35 coil kit)

    suspension, exterieur and other mods:
    [ X ] nismo side skirts
    [ X ] nismo rear skirts
    [ X ] nismo carbon side pillar garnish
    [ X ] nismo floor mats
    [ X ] oem window visors
    [ X ] superior wing stands
    [ X ] behrman headlight lens repair
    [ ] (nismo S-tune front bumper)
    [ ] (nismo Z-tune fenders)

    [ X ] öhlins road&track suspension / coilovers
    [ X ] cusco bake cylinder stopper
    [ ] cusco front camber arms
    [ ] ikeya formula rear camber arms
    [ X ] SSR Professor SP3 19x10 -1 (added 5mm spacers to clear calipers) on the front 245/35
    [ X ] SSR Professor SP3 19x11 -1 on rear 285/30
    [ ] AMG 8pot brembos on selfmade adaptors with 370Z Discs on the front

    will update specs regularly

    looking for other wheels due to the big brakes
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