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  • [ GTR (Series 1) ] BNR32-011487 KH2 USA

    Hello, I'm the current and first State side owner of BNR32-011487, this lovely 1990 Nissan Skyline GT-R in Gun Grey Metallic. The car was imported and shipped to the United States directly from Japan during the summer of 2015 with the help of "The GTR Shop" in the UK for sourcing the car. It arrived with 100,700 km on the Nismo speedometer and I have the supposed original piece which suggests mileage is accurate.

    Over the two or so years I've had it so far, I've tried to take care of it reasonably well and have performed a good amount of preventative maintenance with a few other tasteful modifications. Anything that I've replaced with aftermarket items, I've tried to save the original parts. I've also kept a pretty comprehensive spreadsheet and invoices of all repairs/modifications I've done with various information. All work has been performed by myself.

    It's a stretch but if anyone has or can potentially source some information from this cars life prior to it's trip overseas, I'd greatly appreciate it. I think it would be fascinating. Based on the mileage, the condition it arrived in, and mileage update history, I think the car sat for a number of years in a garage collecting dust. Interior is in excellent shape with no obvious seat wear, steering wheel is mint, and dashboard has no bubbling yet.
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    Some pictures from when it was delivered stateside. The car was in mostly original condition. A previous owner seemed to have done a poor stereo install, which was then removed at some point. I do have all the original radio/speaker stuff but the condition isn't great. I replaced the stuff.