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  • [ GTR (Series 1) ] bnr32-008911 from Brazil....

    hi guys,
    My name is Yarley I am new to the group, and new to the GTR, this is my first GTR, I am from Brazil and here there are almost no GTR be it 32, 33 and 34. The 35 are already quite, ah 1 year ago I found this GTR 32 abandoned in a house, the car was used to start, and then drifted until the engine was broken, and abandoned by the owner, I managed to buy it and started the restoration completely, but as there is no gtr in Brazil, there are also no parts , everything requires importing and here it is very complicated to import parts, so I come already ah 1 year looking for stores that send parts to Brazil and friends who live in other countries that help too ... below is a picture of him when I bought (blue) and one photo after part of the restoration in progress.
    I returned to the original factory color, which is not very beautiful for some .. but I really liked the result ...