1990 Nissan R32 GTR Group E Falken Bathurst 12 Hour.
  • New Price!
  • 4th outright in 1993 Bathurst 12 Hour, kept in original Falken livery
  • 1992 Bathurst Pace Car
  • Nissan owned GT-R prototype for Australia
  • Media car featured in many publications 1990 - 1992
    including the actual car tested and winner of Wheels Car of the Year magazine

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    日産・スカイライン R33 GT-R Vスペック (グレートブリテン島)

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    日本語 BN6 - ディープマリンブルー KH3 - ブラック KR4 - ソニックシルバー LP2 - ッドナイトパープル
    英語 BN6 - Sapphire KH3 - Kuro Black KR4 - Platinum LP2 - Tyrian Purple
      BN6 KH3 KR4 LP2 トータル
    Vスペック (グレートブリテン島) 33 10 38+3 13 94+3
    3 x プロトタイプ
        シャシ#モデルコード    メーカーオプション
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        シャシ#モデルコード車種年-月 メーカーオプション



    Modified for Great Britain Market by Middlehurst. 
    180 mph speedo, speed limited to 155mph.
    Gearbox cooler
    Rear differential cooler
    Transfer box cooler
    E-Marked headlamps  
    UKDM spec Front bumper - including sidelights & indicators in the bumper
    UKDM spec Rear bumper - including fog light recessed into the OS of the bumper
    Cat 1 alarm  
    Kenwood head unit with optional boot-mounted CD Changer
    Optional Connolly leather seats £2000  
    Possibly optional white dials on dash.  
    Changes as listed by C7 JFW 



    All Great Britain V-Specs have a 17 digit VIN between JN1GAPR33U0000051 and JN1GAPR33U0000144. 3 early cars have a VIN recorded by Nissan as BCNR33-042091 to BCNR33-042093. 



    Photos provided by K66 SKY


    本 #1

    Brochure scan courtesy of Marco ZM.


    本 #2

    Brochure scan courtesy of Marco ZM.


    プレスリリース #1

    Scan provided by K66 SKY via gtr.co.uk


    プレスリリース #2

    Scan provided by K66 SKY via gtr.co.uk


    gtr.co.uk thread
    Ben Taylor for original source data
    Marco ZM for brochure scans
    K66 SKY for announcements, press release scans and official photographs.