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R35 GT-R Model Years on GTR-Registry.com

The purpose of this article is to explain how MY (Model Year) is used on this site. Model Year is based on USA model year encoding digit in the VIN. From this information all MY across all regions are used based on a) VIN sequences b) date ranges c) changes to the R35.

What this means is that when a change is made (ie R35 changed from CBA to DBA), a new colour is introduced (ie NAS Regal Red), or a new type is introduced (ie R35 Nismo), all of the MY listings line up across all different regions.

Yes I know that the MY for your car may be listed differently to what yours is in your local region, especially true in Europe/UK/Australia and some other countries. However it does not make sense that Midnight Opal SE is introduced and built at the same time, that they would have different MY listing. As such, all Midnight Opal SE are MY14 and not MY13 Midnight Opal SE or MY14 Midnight Opal SE depending which region they are in.

The only alternative would be to change all of the MY listing to Series 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9. However noone calls a MY17 R35 a Series 9 car. This would be more confusing. Using a standardised MY across all regions is the best possible way without using a Series number.

In the following table you can compare MY across different regions, and when certain models and colours were introduced. For a more in depth look at when colours were introduced and discontinued, please click here.

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Example Model Year and VINs across Regions

MY From To Japan USA/Canada Europe/UK Australia Change
MY09 2007-11 2008-12 R35-000001 JN1AR54F*9M250001     R35 introduced
MY10 2008-12 2009-11 R35-010001 JN1AR5EF*AM230001 JN1GANR35U0100001 JN1GANR35A0400001 SpecV, LAC introduced
MY11 2009-12 2010-08 R35-020001 JN1AR5EF*BM240001 JN1GANR35U0120001 JN1GANR35A0420001  
MY12 2010-11 2011-10 R35-030001 JN1AR5EF*CM250001 JN1GANR35U0130001 JN1GANR35A0430001 R35 Facelift (DBA), Egoist, RAY introduced
MY13 2011-11 2012-10 R35-040001 JN1AR5EF*DM260001 JN1GANR35U0140001 JN1GANR35A0440001 Track introduced
MY14 2012-11 2013-10 R35-050001 JN1AR5EF*EM270001 JN1GANR35U0150001 JN1GANR35A0450001 Midnight Opal SE, LAG intoduced
MY15 2013-11 2014-12 R35-060001 JN1AR5EF*FM280001 JN1GANR35U0160001 JN1GANR35A0460001 Nismo, KBL, NAS introduced
MY16 2014-11 2016-03 R35-070001 JN1AR5EF*GM290001 JN1GANR35U0170001 JN1GANR35A0470001 45th Anniversary, EY0 introduced
MY17 2015-11   R35-080001 JN1AR5EF*HM820001 JN1GANR35U0180001 JN1GANR35A0480001 R35 Facelift, EBG introduced
MY18     R35-090001 JN1AR5EF*JM710001      


For a more in depth look at Model Year encoding in USA VINs, please see this Wikipedia article.