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About GTR-Registry.com

GTR-Registry.com is the world's leading source of production data for the Nissan Skyline, Nissan GT-R, Nissan Stagea, Nissan Silvia & more.

By obtaining the production data, production numbers of each type and colour have been calculated, and option codes translated and applied. All model codes have been broken down so you can easily identify what they mean. All production data is located in easy to search VIN tables so you can easily find the information you are after.

Be sure to check out the Special Model pages which contain information about what makes each varient unique and how many of each built. Many also include copies of the original brochures that were created. There is a List of Discoveries made by GTR-Registry.com, along with Contact Information, Credits, FAQs, Links, and information on USA Import Dates.

GTR-Registry.com currently contains the production data of approximately 1,865,701 vehicles. There are 512 pages on the website. This site uses the USA Model Year code for the Nissan R35 GT-R.

Latest News

2023-09-19 by Mark
Hi, since the last update we have added a lot of new content to check out. We have added a whole new section about Mine's cars, engines and parts. Pages are available for the R35, BNR34, BCNR33 and BNR32. We've also added a page about the R32EV that Nissan is currently working on, which was a R32 GT-R undergoing an electric conversion. Another R32 page is a small page with some concept images. Lastly, we have a new page on the R34 GT-R Nismo J-Tune, a customer built Nismo car which is the most powerful R34 to leave the Nismo Omori Factory. It also has a lot of new custom parts created by Nismo just for this car, so check it out.

2023-05-31 by Mark
We have added heaps of new content since the last update here. In date order, we've added a page on the GT-R LM Nismo race car, photos of our replica Aoshima R34 GT-R R-Tune model car, information about the MY24 R35 GT-R Nismo, Nismo Special Edition, Track Edition and GT-R Premium T-Spec Editions. Other new pages include uploading the R33 GT-R Brochure Books (series 1, series 2, series 3 (early), series 3 (late)) which meant that we could create the BCNR33 R33 GT-R Specifications page too! We've also added pages on the R34 GT-R Concept Car and the R33 GT-R Concept Car (R32 GT-R Concept Car coming soon). Lastly, we've added the Australian and New Zealand delivered Nissan 350Z Coupe and Roadsters to our website. These are the 489th and 490th pages added to our website. Don't forget to check out the Sitemap to view them all!

2022-10-23 by Mark
We have added new production data for the MY21.5 R35 GT-R for USA, Canada, UK, Europe and South Africa. As such we've also updated the Nismo Special Edition, T-SpecTrack Edition MY20+ and R35 GT-R Worldwide VIN Ranges pages.

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