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R33 GT-R Nismo 400R

Note: List goes up to last known car. It is claimed there was 44 built.

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Official Images


400R Introduction

The 400R. Based on the Skyline GT-R, and filled with the racing experience and sport option development experience of racing specialist company NISMO to answer the desires of GT-R fans.

Races have been held since long before the GT-R came around. We planned our strategies for wining races, and through a great number of victories, and our continued experience on the street as well, kept developing towards a truly unique vehicle. That thoroughbred NISMO lineage has now extended through several generations, and has resulted in a creature for today. It’s driven by a 2,800cc heart, with a truly NISMO set-up of suspension, twin-palate clutch, reinforced powertrain with carbon driveshaft, reinforced brakes, the solid footing of 18-inch 10J wheels, an intense H.I.D. lighting system to pierce the darkness, and a host of other systems and NISMO technologies.

The concept was to provide a feeling of instant driving response exactly as the driver intends-and we’re confident that we have succeeded. Add to this the pride of owing a 400R, and the many different kinds of enjoyment that come with driving this kind of vehicle. Take your time and really experience it.

It wasn’t simply a matter of building a car that boasts high-power, however. Roads don’t only travel in a straight line. We wanted a car that could pull proudly up to a hotel door, one that could travel down city streets or tree-lined, winding country roads and still give it all on the circuit.

There’s one car that brings it all together-the NISMO 400R.



Special Grill
Exclusive Emblem

Using feedback from Group A GT racers, this works to efficiently guide air into the radiator grille opening.
Front Bumper Air Intake

An air intake substantiated through actual results in all kinds of racing. An aperture designed to gain the maximum performance of the large intake cooler.
Air Duct for Oil Cooler

This special air duct is designed to efficiently cool hot engine oil. Air outlets are positioned at the side of the front bumper, resulting in a drastic improvement in cooling efficiency.
Brake Air Duct

Reliably conducts cooling air to the brake area.
Intercooler Air Guide

Sits tightly in the space between the bumper and intercooler—so tight not even an ant could pass through! Helps to gain maximum performance from the large intercooler.
Carbon Fibre Rear Wing
Side Ornament

A double-wing-type carbon rear wing that provides appropriate downforce during sports driving. The side ornament is a 400R exclusive touch.
Front Bumper
Over Fender

A specially designed, newly-developed aero bumper designed to efficiently provide air to the cooling system and brakes. The special over-fender is designed to precisely fit the sides and clear the ultra-wide tires used on the 400R (overall width +50mm).
Side Skirts

The large side skirt plays a role in creating a flowing form from front to rear. It helps create an even more sporty impact.
Rear Bumper
Exclusive Emblem

This powerful rear bumper gives the 400R an even lower, wider look. The trunk lid proudly wears a special original emblem.
Carbon Fibre LM Bonnet

Based on actual results at Le Mans and constructed of carbon. The shape is identical. Air passing through the intercooler and radiator is released through the opening at the top of the hood, providing more efficient cooling characteristics than the normal hood.
LMGT1 Wheels
18 x 10
Bridgestone RE 710

Using Group A achievements and the results from Le Mans as feedback, fully-forged three-piece construction has been used. (10JJ x18). With the strength and rigidity to withstand tough driving conditions, as well as the cooling performance for powerful braking. Tires are BS REK710ai (275/35-18).
HID Lighting System

For accurate driving during night running, the brightest, widest lighting possible is a necessity. As used in Le Mans, the bright, blue-white light provides high long-distance visibility and wide illumination.



Exclusive combination meter

Indicating the data that comes from 400 horsepower, this includes a 320km/h full-scale speedometer and tachometer extending to 11,000rpm, arranged with thought for high visibility, and a tasteful design including the 400R emblem.
Triple meter
Oil Temperature
Front Torque

With finer gradations than normal meters, these provide the accurate data needed during sports running. The meters display the information needed to monitor a high-power engine: boost, oil pressure and front torque. The center boost meter displays positive pressures of up to 1.4Kg/cm2.
Titanium Shift Knob

The chemical symbol Ti. Titanium—a metal with superior corrosion resistance and non-allergenic properties. A touch of extravagance in the 400R is the metal shift knob, which responds to the hand with accurate shift changes. One item that adds a bit more fun to sports driving.
400R Dedicated Steering Wheel

An original carbon horn button, in a Ø360-diameter, natural-leather grip steering wheel.
Type R bucket seat, NISMO logo

Use the same material as the door panels and rear seats. A creation fitting the 400R, part of the care and consideration that goes into the making of the total car.



RB-X GT2 Engine

400ps/6,800rpm, 47.8kgm/4,400rpm
Using accumulated results from countless races, with the data being applied for a thorough review and modification, to provide specs focused on increasing engine displacement and the resulting increase of torque and low- and mid-speeds. The result is smooth acceleration and a swift run-up from low and mid to high speed: a special “400R-ness” that makes this completely different from other 400-horsepower class tuning cars.

RB-X GT2 Tuning Items

Special ECCS unit
Increased bore, and accordingly reinforced cylinder block
Cylinder head shape optimized to combustion chamber
Ø87 metal head gaskets, t=1.2
Forged cooling channel pistons
Special forged crankshaft
Special forged connecting rod
N1-spec turbine and reinforced actuator
High-flow air cleaner
Stainless front tube
Low resistance sports catalyst
High injection-valve open pressure (1.3) radiator cap
Air-cooled oil cooler
Sports intercooler
Titanium Exhaust

Resistance is a major issue in exhaust systems; from catalyst to main muffler the system is set in two lines, with titanium sensibly chosen as the material. The result is smooth exhaust that does not impede engine performance, and an exhaust sound that makes the car’s presence known.
Air Cooler Oil Cooler

How efficient can cooling be made while preventing loss of output or overheating? Our answer is in an engine cooling system that is the result of investigating the problem of heat to the limit. Cooling air is guided through the aperture in a single stream to create a hermetic air duct, increasing supercharger efficiency while keeping engine temperature at a constant, appropriate level. The use of GT-R racing oil further increasing caulking efficiency, prevents turbine blow and ensures high performance.
GT-R Racing Oils

Created for the GT-R’s RB26DETT engine, this is a reliable, wide-range engine oil for all driving conditions and temperatures, from circuit and sports driving to street or resort driving such as to ski areas.

Special features

Using NISMO's many race and rally motorsport achievements, careful investigations were made in to the conditions actually demanded of an engine oil—particularly for a high-performance turbo engine like that mounted in the GT-R—and the ideal oil specs were determined.

During Taikyu racing, pit stops mean that the turbo charger remains at a high temperature, with the circulation of oil temporarily stopped. This can cause the oil within the turbine to scorch and form sludge, potentially causing turbine blow trouble. In developing this oil, NISMO paid special attention to the higher than normal heat burden on the engine, by conducting repeated heat caulking tests to ensure good endurance reliability, and to create an engine oil that could be recommended with confidence. An engine oil with good lubrication that helps ensure constant coolant temperature and protects the whole of the engine.

While race use was stressed during the development process, it also had to perform well for street use. Thus it was also planned for reliable starting and reduced fuel consumption, with a base oil and additives that would ensure that this is a wide-use engine oil.



Twin Plate Clutch

With the same pedal pressure as a normal clutch, this makes for easy half-clutch and brings out the appeal of a high-performance engine. It helps to realize driving operations responding immediately to the driver’s thoughts. 8.5-inch double-type clutch with lightweight chromoly flywheel.
Carbon Propeller Shaft

Because this propeller shaft is made of carbon fiber, it is 7.7 kilos, or 50%, lighter than a steel shaft. This cuts the mass an moment of inertia at acceleration by 40%, ensuring high stability and improved drive force. The use of filament winding (FW) construction has also greatly increased strength and durability.
Bilstein Shock Absorbers

Front spring rate of 7kg⟨f/mm, rear 8kg⟨f/mm. Reinforced bushings are used at all suspension mount points, helping to provide a direct operational feel during sports driving.
Titanium Strut Brace

To draw out all the performance of the suspension, it’s important that the body be rigid. The 400R naturally uses a strut tower bar. But for those who hate to add additional weight to the front end, there is the choice of this lightweight titanium bar.
Nismo Type 2 Brake Pads

NISMO type 2 brake pads are used to ensure reliable braking power. Excellent anti-fade characteristics provide for a wide range of high-performance driving, from street to circuit.
Master Cylinder Stop

By reducing fore-aft play of the cylinder, this helps to provide a much more rigid pedal feel. With a change to the appropriate brake pads, this results in a braking system with more than adequate power.


400R Specification

Please note that these specifications are subject to change without notice.

All engine output values give in this catalog are net values. Engine output values can be indicated as net or gross values. Gross values are calculated on the engine itself, while net values are calculated with the engine installed in the vehicle. With the same gasoline engine, the net value will be approximately 15% lower than the gross value (in studies by the Japan Automotive Manufacturers Association Inc.).

Fuel consumption figures are based on standard testing conditions. The actual rate of fuel consumption will vary depending on conditions including weather, road condition, vehicle condition, operator and maintenance.

The mode cycle used for the fuel consumption ratios shown in these contents is the 10-15 mode cycle. The 10-15 mode cycle is intended to represent high-speed city driving, with values for the same car at 10-mode averaging 10 percent higher (in studies by the Japan Automotive Manufacturers Association Inc.).

Please use only regular gasoline in this car. Do not use regular unleaded gasoline.

All defects that are the result of NISMO remodeling of parts or other improvements are covered under NISMO warranty. However, this coverage is limited to one year or 20,000 kilometers after registration of the vehicle. All other matters are covered under the new-car warranty of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

Base price: ¥12,000,000(SOLD OUT)

Installation of H.I.D. headlamps will result in a discount of ¥150,000 from the base price.

The base price shown is exclusive of consumption tax. Other tax, insurance, registration fees, etc. will also be required, depending on local regulations.

This vehicle has been extensively modified, but it is not a racing car. Always drive safely!


Major Equipment

NISMO 400R NISMO 400R Main Equipment
Lighting H.I.D headlamps @ Use includes reduction of base price
Heated rear window (with timer)    
Interior Electrically-controlled power steering    
Sport steering wheel (genuine leather cover) Ø365 @ No airbag; horn button with 400R logo
Solid shifter and titanium shift knob O  
Combination meters @ Display to 320kph, 11,000rpm; with 400R logo
Sub-meters O Boost, oil pressure, front torque
Ozone-safe, fully-automatic air conditioning    
Key with exclusive 400R design @  
Audio Cassette unit with integrated electronically tuned AM/FM radio    
Fully-automatic power antenna    
Antenna half-switch    
FM diversity    
Seats Type-R seats (front) O Reclining bucket seats
ELR 3-point seatbelts    
Exclusive rear seats and door trim @ Seat cover replacement
Exterior Exclusive 400R full aerodynamic package @ Over-fender, front bumper, double-wing rear spoiler
LM hood @ CFRP hood air intake
400R stripe @  
Titanium muffler @  
Mechanical RB-X GT2 engine @ 400ps/6,800rpm, 47.8kgm/4,400rpm
ECCS unit (exclusive for 400R) @  
Sport catalyst O  
Twin-plate clutch O  
Carbon driveshaft @  
Air-cooled oil cooler O  
Sport intercooler O  
N1 radiator O  
Super HICAS    
Brembo 4-wheel bench-rated disc brakes    
Sport brake pads O  
ATTESA E-TS PRO   Active L.S.D. integrated-control 4WD
Master cylinder stopper O  
Titanium front brake tower O  
Machined aluminum oil filler cap O  
Radiator cap O  
Shock absorbers O Damping, stationary type (Bilstein, ENP)
Reinforced suspension coil springs O Front: K=7kg•f/mm; rear: K8kg•f/mm; vehicle height reduced by 30mm
Reinforced rear suspension mount kit O  
Reinforced stabilizer kit (front/rear) O  
N1 link kit O  
Reinforced suspension bushing kit (front/rear) O  
Reinforced differential mount kit O  
Tires/wheels 275/35-18 O Bridgestone RE710kai
18 x 10JJ forged aluminum wheels O NISMO LM/GT1
@: 400R-exclusive parts; O: NISMO general parts; blank: V-spec standard equipment)   
Along with the main equipment listed above, the following equipment is also standard:
Green glass
Assist grip
Electrically-retractable colored door mirrors
One-touch power windows
Front stepless adjustable windshield wipers
Tilt steering wheel
High-mount step lamps (LED)
Digital clock
Central door locks
Map light
Illuminated ignition key cylinder
Driver-seat seatbelt arm
Passenger seat vanity mirror
Side door beam
Warning indicators (oil pressure lamp, battery warning lamp, 4WD warning lamp, HICAS warning lamp, open-door warning lamp, ABS warning lamp, exhaust temperature warning lamp, brake fluid warning lamp, headlamp turn-off reminder buzzer, key removal reminder buzzer, un-fastened seat belt warning lamp)

The airbag warning lamp has been included in case of future installation of a steering wheel with airbag; the lamp will function normally if this occurs.

A configuration is also possible in case of H.I.D. headlamp installation.

400R-exclusive parts (marked in the chart by @) are not available for general sale.


Major Specs

NISMO 400R Main Specs     
      NISMO 400R R33 (GT-R) 400R difference
        standard model  
1 Overall length  4,675mm 4,675mm  
Overall width  1,830mm 1,780mm Extension of 50mm because of overfender
Overall height  1,330mm 1,360mm Improvement in stability and controllability through improved position
Wheelbase  2,720mm 2,720mm  
Tread FR 1,500mm 1,480mm Change of wheel offset: 30mm to 20mm
RR 1,510mm 1,490mm  
Vehicle height reduction  30mm   Improvement in stability and controllability through improved position
Minimum ground clearance  105mm 135mm  
Vehicle weight  1,550kg 1,540kg  
2 Engine  RB-X GT2 RB26DETT Increased displacement, improvement of RB26
Type/cylinder count  Water-cooled, inline 6-cylinder DOHC Water-cooled, inline 6-cylinder DOHC  
Cylinder Internal diameter x travel 87.0 x 77.7 86.0 x 73.7  
Displacement  2,771cc 2,568cc  
Pressure ratio  8.5 8.5  
Max. output  400/6800ps/rpm 280/6800ps/rpm  
Max. torque  47.8/4400kg-m/rpm 36.0/4500kg-m/rpm Ease of handling through increased low-speed torque
Boost pressure  1.1kg/• 0.6kg/•  
Power-weight ratio  3,88kg/ps 5.50kg/ps  
3 Head gasket  NISMO metal gasket, Ø87, 1.2mm Graphite, 1.2mm Increased strength to handle larger bore
Camshaft   Standard Standard  
  Operating angle 60-60 60-60  
  Valve spring Standard Standard  
Oil cooler  Air-cooled oil cooer Water-cooled oil cooker Improved cooling efficiency
Oil pump  Standard sintered gear Standard sintered gear  
4 Turbocharger  N1 spec metal turbine and reinforced actuator R33 GT-R standard unit  
Intercooler  NISMO high-strength, option Standard (in front of radiator) Increased cooling performance by increase of intercooler size
Catalyst  Low-pressure, high-efficiency, intake/exhaust diameter Ø80 Standard Engine output improved, exhaust efficiency improved
Exhaust muffler  *400R-exclusive titanium, Ø60 dual Standard Pleasing exhaust sound, increased performance, reduced weight
5 ECCS   *400R-exclusive computer R33 GT-R standard Provides control of high-performance engine
  Pressure regulators Standard Standard  
  Fuel pump Standard Standard  
6 Clutch  NISMO 8.5-inch pull-type twin plate, lightweight chromoly flywheel Ø 250pull-type single plate Provides ease of operation of increased transmission forces resulting from torque, along with light peddle pressure
7 Transmission  FS5R30A-standard FS5R30A-standard  
  L.S.D. A-LSD A-LSD  
  Driveshaft *400R-exlcusive carbon Standard Weight reduction
8 Brakes  Standard (Brembo) Standard (Brembo)  
Master cylinder stopper  NISMO original Standard Provides rigid pedal feel
Brake pads  NISMO original (Type 2) Standard Cover everything from street to sport driving
9 Suspension  NISMO stationary shock absorbers Standard stationary shock absorbers Bilstein
Springs  NISMO original "Type D" Standard FR: 7K, RR: 8K
Engine mount  Includes reinforced mount Standard Reinforced to handle increased engine torque
Bushings, insulators  Includes reinforced bushings Standard Provides direct handling
10 Wheels  10JJ 18 9JJ 17 18-inch, 3-piece forged wheels
Tires  275/35-18 245/45R17 High-performance tires
11 Exterior Aero parts NISMO Original aero Standard Improved aerodynamic force efficiency, cooling ability
  Front bumper Standard Designed for air-cooled oil cooler
  Front grille, front lip, side step Standard Sharp design and improved cooling performance
  Rear bumper, spoiler Standard Improved aerodynamic force efficiency, greater sense of stability
Hood *400R-exclusive type Standard Improvement of cooling efficiency
Over-fender *400R-exclusive Standard Each side 25mm
Tower bar Titanium construction Standard Extra-reinforced design
Ornament *400R-exclusive Standard *400R-exclusive ornament, badge
Rocker cover *400R-exclusive Standard Reinforced during NISMO tuning
Interior Meter panel *400R-exclusive 320km/h•11000rpm Standard NISMO combination meter with NISMO logo (black)
Seats Embroidered with NISMO name Standard Provides that extra sense of "NISMO"
Rear seat *400R-exclusive Rear cover change Standard Black
Headliner *Color to match seats Standard Black
12 Headlight system  *H.I.D. lighting system Standard Improved safety during nighttime driving (option)


Nismo 400R Brochure

Source - V-Spec Performance


Build Plaque




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