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GTR-Registry.com » USA Import Dates for Skyline via 25 Year Rule
Dates are for general availability for USA import for when vehicles turn 25 years old. The dates listed for these types of Nissan Skyline are when the car was generally available, and excludes prototype build dates. The list is for when each car first came available, not for changes in series.

This list does not currently include other methods of import to USA.


USA 25 Year Import Dates for Skyline R32-R34

Date     Type
2014-05 FR32 R32 GXI
2014-05 HCR32 R32 GTS
2014-05 HCR32 R32 GTS Type S
2014-05 HCR32 R32 GTS-T
2014-05 HCR32 R32 GTST Type M
2014-05 HR32 R32 GTE
2014-05 HR32 R32 GTS
2014-08 BNR32 R32 GT-R
2014-08 HNR32 R32 GTS-4
2015-01 BNR32 R32 GT-R Nismo
2015-09 HR32 R32 GTS Urban Road
2016-01 HR32 R32 GTS V Selection
2016-07 FR32 R32 GXI Type X
2016-07 HR32 R32 GTE Type X
2016-07 HR32 R32 GTS Type J
2016-07 HR32 R32 GTS Type X
2016-08 ECR32 R32 GTS25 Type S
2016-08 ECR32 R32 GTS25 Type XG
2016-08 ER32 R32 GTS25 SV
2016-08 ER32 R32 GTS25 Type X
2016-09 BNR32 R32 GT-R N1
2016-12 HR32 R32 GTS V Selection II
2017-03 HNR32 R32 Autech Version (RB26DE)
2017-04 HR32 R32 GTS SV
2017-06 HR32 R32 GTE SV
2017-10 HR32 R32 GTE Type X.V
2017-12 HCR32 R32 GTST Type M 60th Anniversary
2017-12 HR32 R32 GTS Type J 60th Anniversary
2018-02 BNR32 R32 V-Spec, V-Spec N1
2018-03 HR32 R32 GTE V Selection 60th Anniversary
2018-03 HR32 R32 GTS V Selection 60th Anniversary
2018-08 ECR33 R33 GTS25t Type M, GTS25t Type M Active LSD, GTS25 Type S
2018-08 ER33 R33 GTS25, GTS25 Type G
2018-08 HR33 R33 GTS, GTS Type G
2018-11 ENR33 R33 GTS-4
2019-02 BNR32 R32 V-Spec II, V-Spec II N1
2019-06 ER33 R33 GTS25t Type G
2019-11 ENR33 R33 GTS-4 Type G
2019-11 HR33 R33 GTS Urban Runner S
2020-01 BCNR33 R33 GT-R, V-Spec, V-Spec N1
2020-01 ER33 R33 GTS25 Urban Runner S
2020-12 ECR33 R33 GTS25t Type M1/M2
2020-12 ENR33 R33 GTS-4 Type X
2020-12 ER33 R33 GTS25 Type S, GTS25 Type S/S
2020-12 HR33 R33 GTS Type S, GTS Type X
2021-01 ER33 R33 GTS25 Type X
2021-05 ER33 R33 GTS25 Type X Limited
2021-05 HR33 R33 GTS Type X Limited
2021-06 BCNR33 R33 GT-R LM Limited, V-Spec LM Limited
2021-12 ER33 R33 GTS25 Type XG
2022-09 BCNR33 R33 Autech 40th Anniversary 4 door
2022-10 ECR33 R33 GTS25t Type M 40th Anniversary
2022-10 ENR33 R33 GTS-4 40th Anniversary
2022-10 HR33 R33 GTS Type X 40th Anniversary
2023-05 ENR34 R34 25GT FOUR, 25GT-X FOUR
2023-05 ER34 R34 25GT, 25GT Turbo (GT-T), 25GT-X
2023-05 HR34 R34 20GT
2024-01 BNR34 R34 GT-R, V-Spec, V-Spec N1
2024-01 ER34 R34 GT-V
2025-01 BNR34 R34 GT-R & V-Spec Midnight Purple 3
2025-07 ENR34 R34 25GT FOUR L Selection
2025-07 HR34 R34 20GT Special Edition
2025-10 BNR34 R34 V-Spec II
2026-01 BNR34 R34 V-Spec II N1
2026-04 BNR34 R34 M-Spec
2027-02 BNR34 R34 M-Spec nür, V-Spec II nür