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Super sports potential given to the R34 GT-R. Its racing car-like potential has now been unleashed as the IMPUL GT-R. Exhaust system, suspension, and computer tune. With just that, the IMPUL tune brings out about 60 horsepower of potential power. Its manly power and calm drivability have a charisma that only those who know about driving know.
IMPUL GT-R (BCNR34) Features [2000]

Aerodynamic System
● IMPUL GT bumper
Finally, the new IMPUL GT bumper is here. The JGTC Skyline GT-R was created as a result of a complete analysis of aerodynamics in the world of ultra-high speed through wind tunnel experiments. Its form is shaped by the functional beauty of competing for tenths of a second. The IMPUL GT Bumper 2000 model faithfully reproduces that detail down to the smallest detail and transplants it to the Street GT-R. The ideal dynamic balance improves high-speed stability, handling, cornering performance, etc. by increasing downforce (3% increase) and increasing the amount of air flowing into the engine room (15% increase in flow rate, 7% decrease in intake temperature).

Additional Parts
● IMPUL NS- GT wheel 18 x 9.5JJ offset + 15
● Blast muffler exhaust
● Front pipe

● Sports filter
● IMPUL Ohlins Super Shock Kit
● Brake pad
● R34 GT-R dedicated brake line

● High power control unit
● R34 GT-R dedicated radiator
● R34 GT-R exclusive oil cooler kit
● Sports shift knob
● Steering Wheel 913 Expert / 913 Special
● Airbag compatible boss
IMPUL GT-R (BCNR34) Features

This car is still on the IMPUL website. There are a few differences to the items listed in 2000.

Aerodynamic System
● IMPUL GT bumper

Additional Parts
● IMPUL Power complete engine 450ps
● R34 GT-R dedicated radiator
● R34 GT-R exclusive oil cooler kit
● R34 GT-R exclusive rubber brake line
● Blast muffler exhaust
● Front pipe
● IMPUL Ohlins Super Shock
● Brake pad Front CPFG-16 / Rear CPRG-08
● Sports filter
● R34 GT-R dedicated shift knob
● Steering 913 Special


IMPUL GT-R (BNR34) Images

IMPUL GT bumper
IMPUL NS- GT wheel Bronze IMPUL NS- GT wheel White
IMPUL NS- GT wheel Silver 265/35-18 Tire
Blast muffler exhaust Front pipe
Sports filter IMPUL Ohlins Super Shock Kit
Brake pad R34 GT-R dedicated brake line
High power control unit R34 GT-R dedicated radiator
R34 GT-R exclusive oil cooler kit Sports shift knob
Steering Wheel 913 Expert Steering Wheel 913 Special
Airbag compatible boss Brake pad Front CPFG-16 / Rear CPRG-08
IMPUL Power complete engine



IMPUL [2000]