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Mine's BCNR33 GT-R

Mine's BCNR33 GT-R N1 Base Demo Car | Mine's RB26DETT Complete Engine | Mine's RB26DETT Super Complete Engine | Mine's BCNR33 Parts | Links

This is a page dedicated to the Mine's demo cars, complete customer Mine's cars, Mine's complete engines and Mine's parts for the BCNR33.
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Mine's BCNR33 GT-R N1 Base Demo Car


Power Spec
Horsepower: 630ps/7400rpm
Torque: 63kgm/5400rpm
Boost Pressure: 1.4kg/cm2
Best Lap time
Tsukuba Circuit: 0'58"757
1/4 mile: 10.676 seconds
Computer Mine's VX-ROM + 600cc Big Capacity Injector Kit (retaining immobilizer function)
Air Flow Meter Mine's Big Capacity Air Flow Meter
Turbocharger HKS GT2530 Turbine x 2
Camshaft Mine's Camshaft Shore
Cam Gear Mine's Adjustable Cam Gears (Intake / Exhaust: Aluminium)
Head Gasket Metal Head Gasket
Fuel Pump Mine's 270L/h Big Capacity Fuel Pump
Propeller Shaft Mine's Carbon Propeller Shaft
Clutch Mine's Twin Carbon Clutch
Radiator Shroud Mine's Carbon Radiator Shroud
Air Filter Mine's VX-AIR FILTER
Air Scoop Mine's Front Bumper Air Scoop
Main Muffler Mine's Silence-VX PRO (φ90-φ115)
Front Pipe Mine's Front Pipe Pro II (φ70x2-φ100-φ90)
Outlet Mine's Super Outlet Pro (φ70-φ70)
Suspension (F/R) Mine's ESTA Suspension System Professional Edition
Strut Tower Bar (F) Mine's Strut Tower Bar (Type VX)
Strut Tower Bar (R) Mine's Strut Tower Bar (Standard)
Link Mine's ESTA Sports Link Kit
Stabilizer (F/R) Mine's Stabilizer
Brake System (F) AP BRAKE SYSTEM
Brake System (R) Factory Brembo
Brake Pad (F/R) Mine's PFC Brake Pad (RACE)
Front Spoiler Mine's Carbon Front Spoiler
Front Under Lip Mine's Carbon Front Under Lip
Rear Wing Mine's Carbon Rear Wing Type I
Rear Wing Side Panel Mine's Carbon Rear Wing Side Panel
Rear Wing Stay Mine's Carbon Rear Wing Stay
Trunk Spoiler Mine's Silver Carbon Trunk Spoiler
Mirror Mine's Silver Carbon Aero Mirror Type II
Wheel Mine's LM-EVOLUTION II (Fr/Rr:10.2J-18 ET18)
Wheel Spacer Mine's LM-EVOLUTION Special Spacer
Speed Meter Mine's 320km/h Full Scale Speed Meter
Bolt on Meter Mine's Boost meter / Oil Pressure meter / Torque Split meter
Shift Mine's Direct Shift Pro
Shift Knob Mine's Original Shift Knob (TEC-ART'S Mine's Special)
Seat RECARO SP-A x 2 Seats (TEC-ART'S Mine's Special)
Seat Belt Sabelt Indy Seat Belt


Mine's RB26DETT Complete Engine

Mine's emphasizes on engine response.

The history of data that continued over specified component part revealed a sufficient amount of feedback to complete Mine's RB26 engine.

The Stage I with a maximum of 480H.P. (BNR34 N1 turbine) specification and stage II with a maximum of 580H.P. (GT2530 turbine) specification are available.
Part Material and Contents Stage I Stage II
Camshaft Gear Mine's Original
Camshaft Shore IN 252˚/Lift 9.1 mm -
  IN 260˚/Lift 10.2 mm -
  EX 252˚/Lift 9.1 mm -
  EX 252˚/Lift 9.5 mm -
Camshaft Machined   -
Valve spring Strengthened -
Valve guide PBB
Valve sheet BERYLLIUM CU -
Valve sheet cutting Machined
Valve reface Machined
Modification of port Machined -
Combustion chamber adjusting Machined -
Head balancing plane reseach Machined
Head gasket METAL
Cylinder head bolt Stud type strengthened -
Crank bolt Stud type strengthened -
Piston Lightweight forged
Connecting rod Lightweight forged
Crank processing and balance D counter section form modification
Crank WPC processing Machined
Pulley balance Machined
Metal Surface machined
Block balancing plane research Machined
Dummy boring Machined
Plateau horning / honing Machined
Oil pump  34 N1 -
NISMO strengthened part  -
Timing belt Strengthened
Oil pan buffle Mine's Original
Engine decomposed overhaul  
Thermostat NISMO
Sparkplugs NGK
Water pump 34 N1
Thermal lapping  


Mine's RB26DETT Super Complete Engine

Product name Material/Contents Super Complete Engine
Super Complete Engine
Cam gear HKS
Camshaft IN 260°/lift 10.25 mm,
EX 260°/lift 10.25 mm
Dedicated valve lifter Dedicated reinforced product
Valve Big valve (1.5 mm oversize)
Valve spring Reinforced product
Valve guide Phosphor bronze
Valve seat Beryllium CU
Sheet cut Processing
Port CNC machine port processing
Combustion chamber CNC machining
Water jacket Air vent hole processing
Jacket plug Oversize processing
Head correction surface grinding Processing
Head gasket Including metal IN, EX
Head bolt Stat type reinforced product
Crank bolt Stat type reinforced product
Piston Forged lightweight product
Connecting rod Forged lightweight product
Crank processing, balance D counter shape change ---
Full balance ---
Crank WPC processing Processing
Pulley balance Processing
Metal gasket Reinforced product
Block correction surface grinding Processing
Dummy bowling Processing
Plateau honing Processing
Oil pump Large capacity reinforced product
Reinforced timing belt NISMO
Oil pan baffle Tomei powered
Engine disassembly overhaul  
Thermostat NISMO
Spark plug N.G.K.
Water pump 34 N1


Mine's BCNR33 Parts

This is a list of parts listed on the Mine's website for the BCNR33 and are subject to change.
VX-ROM Engine Control Unit

*Fuel control has been optimized
*Ignition timing control has been optimized
*Speed Limiter Control has been changed
*Rev limiter has been expanded
*Further reprogram can be made depending on your modification
R35 Air Flow Meter Set + VX-ROM

A set of genuine air flow meter and dedicated adapter (with coupler wiring) for R35 GT-R. The measurement capacity is expanded compared to the original RB26 original airflow meter. In addition, since the R35 sensor can be replaced as a single item, it can be handled at a low cost even if the sensor is defective. When using this system, it is necessary to rewrite the ECU with a special program.
R35 Air Flow Meter, Injector Delivery Pipe Set + VX-Rom

R35 injector delivery set comes with R35 genuine injector and special delivery pipe. By using the R35 airflow meter set and VXROM with a special program, we can support tuning up to over 500PS. We make full use of the features of genuine R35 parts to achieve precise control.
High Performance Direct Ignition Coil

BCNR33 Specification. This is a reinforced direct ignition coil that has been improved to the latest ignition system based on genuine parts for BNR34. By increasing the number of coil turns and equipping it with the same magnet used in R35, the ignition energy will be increased. Made by Hitachi, the same as genuine parts, ensuring high durability.
Triple Flow Cam Cover Baffle Plates

During a sport run, oil is accumulated in an oil catch tank with blow-by gas and the amount of oil in an engine is decreased accordingly.

This could possibly lead to serious troubles such as engine troubles due to the shortage of the amount of oil required. This problem soon becomes very apparent over time. At Mine's, from the time of the sale of the R32 series, the time attack was repeated on the circuit and we fought with time & blow-by oil.

As a result of repeating trial and error we succeeded in decreasing the amount of spouting oil dramatically without depending on larger adjustments and reexamination of each part clearance of an engine (that leads to keep oils in an engine) , etc.

It was on Mine's R34 GT-R that details were refined even further.
By making slight adjustments to this product it has enabled us install it to normal cam cover for all RB26 engines.
 Silence-VX Pro Titan III

JASMA certified vehicle inspection compatible muffler

・ Main pipe diameter: 80φ → 89.1φ
・Outlet diameter: 120φ
・Material: Titanium
・ Proximity exhaust noise test value: 91dB
・ Power output when Silence VX muffler is installed
・Torque: 41.0 kgf.m/4030rpm
Super Pro Outlet II

SKYLINE GT-R "Super Outlet Pro II" expands its inner diameter up to φ70. It is aimed to improve efficiency and adjust with the tuned turbine from normal to NISMO or HKS GT25.

Material : Stainless
Pipe Size : φ70
Front Pipe Pro

The Front Pipe Pro was developed to combine with the Super Outlet Pro. Its large φ70 diameter and refined "R" shape decreases the stress from the exhaust flow.

Material : Stainless
Pipe Size: φ70 x2-φ80
Even Length Type
Adapter for A/F sensor attached
Front Pipe Pro Titan

The Front Pipe Titan (Titanium) is the pro spec. version that is very light weight and compared to the Front Pipe Pro it has an enhanced performance.

Material : Titanium
Pipe Size: φ70 x2 -φ80
Even Length Type
Weight: approx. 3.2 kg / 7.1 pounds
Titanium Tower Bar

The tower bars weight has been lightened by changing the material from steel to titanium, and with our original design we have been able to increase the vehicles rigidness as well.

Mine's answer to overcome the GT-R’s weight was to look at each part, piece by piece and find ways to lighten them.

This high quality product will be a limited edition with only 30 to be produced due to the highly expensive material and the intricate design.

Material : Titanium



Stabilizer exchange is the best for the change of suspension feeling.

It is the same form as the stock parts, and Mine's stabilizer with the lightweight hollow type is also an easy installation. It achieves on improving the roll stiffness and linear steering feeling.
No Image Available Titanium Wheel Nut

L: 50mm M12 x 1.25P, set of 20

Titanium Shift Knob

Spherical 5MT M10 x 1.25P
Tall type matte finish M10 x 1.25P
Hand Brake Leather Grip

Stitch color: gray, red
Carbon Room Mirror

BNR34 Style Conversion Seat

BNR34 style conversion sheet (for BCNR33)
Only the original seat skeleton is reused, and the BNR34 style leather and Alcantara upholstery is replaced with a new cushion.

・Front left and right set
・Leather: Alcantara + Nappa leather
Roof Lining

・Leather: Alcantara
Sun Visor

・Leather: Alcantara


Mine's BCNR33 GT-R N1 base 
Mine's RB26DETT Complete Engine
Mine's RB26DETT Super Complete Engine
Mine's BCNR33 Parts