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Nismo Fine Spec RB26DETT Engine

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Achieved better response at low speeds, increased torque at medium speeds, and good growth at high speeds.

Nismo Fine Spec Engine was originally released in 2003 with 50 units to be sold. Later in 2009 Nismo announced the Nismo Fine Spec Special Edition engine which was essentially the same engine with 70 units to be sold.

The fine spec engine is the ideal RB26DETT engine complete with the reliability of the N1 racing engine, the high accuracy of the Nur engine, and the all-round performance unique to NISMO.
Engine Model RB26DETT
Fine Spec Specification
Total Displacement 2,568 cc
Maximum Output Unlisted (factory designation 280 ps)
Maximum Torque Unlisted (factory designation 40 kg · m)
Other parts: Engine Block N1 Specification
  Piston N1 Specification
  Piston ring N1 Specification
  Connecting rods N1 Specification
  Connecting rod bearing Nismo F112
  Main bearing Nismo F112
  Camshaft standard
  Water pump N1 Specification
  Oil pump N1 Specification
  Timing belt Nismo
  Head Gasket Nismo Metal
  Oilpan baffle plate Nismo
  Injectors Standard Specification
  Air flow meter Standard Specification
Warranty period: The engine and peripheral parts are guaranteed for one year or 10,000 km after installation.
Price: Unknown




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