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Nismo F-Sport GT 2.8L RB26DETT Engine

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Fitted to: F-Sport GT, S-Tune F-Sport GT, Customer Cars



The F-Sport GT has significantly improved power and torque in the low and medium speed range, which is diversified in town riding by adopting 2.8L, and has a generous feeling suitable for everyday use. GT parts incorporated under the waist ensure excellent strength and reliability. In addition, as an updated model of the RB engine, it has characteristics that are flat and easy to handle while measuring performance improvement.

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Engine Model RB26DETT
F-Sport GT 2.8L
Total Displacement 2.8L
Maximum Output Unknown
Maximum Torque 49 kg · m
  The special engine block (GT500)

Nissan genuine N1 block has been further improved in rigidity and processing accuracy. The durability has been greatly improved at the same time as the performance has been improved, and its reliability has been proven in the Nur 24 hour race.
  GT crankshaft

Stroke for genuine was 4mm up "GT crank shaft". The displacement was expanded to 2771cc with the combination of 87mm piston and GT connecting rod.
GT connecting rod spec1

NISMO "GT connecting rod spec1" which realized long stroke. The material is nickel molybdenum copper, and it is about 1.6 times lighter and stronger than the genuine product by adopting the I cross-sectional shape.
  Nissan genuine N1 specification that is also used for "S1" and "R1" pistons and piston rings NISMO. The bore diameter has been selected to be 87mm in accordance with the displacement increase to 2.8L.
  Optimized camshaft profile for S1 and R1 products to increase torque over the entire range. Gaskets have also been replaced with metal "GT head gaskets" and "GT intake gaskets".
  Genuine replacement type "Sports Air Filter" has been renewed. The newly adopted filter paper reduces ventilation resistance and contributes to engine response and power up. The cleaning efficiency is equivalent to the genuine one.
  BNR34 N1 Turbochargers
Price (BNR32): 2,100,000 yen (date unknown).
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Nismo F-Sport GT