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Nismo F-Sport R RB26DETT Engine

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Fitted to: Clubman Race Spec, Customer Cars



The F-Sport GT has significantly improved power and torque in the low and medium speed range, which is diversified in town riding by adopting 2.8L, and has a generous feeling suitable for everyday use. GT parts incorporated under the waist ensure excellent strength and reliability. In addition, as an updated model of the RB engine, it has characteristics that are flat and easy to handle while measuring performance improvement.

This engine is the current 'ultimate' Nismo engine available.

(Generic F-Sport Engine image)
Engine Model RB26DETT
F-Sport R 2.8L
Total Displacement 2.8L
Maximum Output 500ps
Maximum Torque 49 kg · m
  GT500 RRR RB26/RB28 block (11000-RRR45)
  GT500 Crank (12200-RRR4A)
  GT Main Bearing Inner Set - Grade STD 3 - Thickness: 1.827 ~ 1.830mm (12207-RRR43)
  GT Connecting Rod Spec1 (12100-RRR4A)
  GT Conrod Metal RB Grade G0 (12110-RRR40)
  GT Metal Main Bearing Center Set STD 3 (12261-RRR43)
  Nismo R1 Turbo's (1441A-RSR45)
  N1 Water Pump (21010-24U27)
  GT Head Gasket 1.2mm (11044-RRR4A)
  Nismo spark plug (R7238-8) (22401RS2388)
  GT intake gasket 0.85mm (1617S-RRR45)
  Nissan GTR R35 Injector (16600-38B0A)
  Nissan GTR R35 AFM (22680-7S000)
  Z-Tune camshaft
  Z-Tune pistons
  NISMO intake collector
  NISMO air inlet pipe (carbon)
  Nismo ECU
  R35 GTR Injectors
Price: 7,150,000 yen (2019).




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