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Nismo Logos

1984 - 1998 | 1998 - 2004 | 2004 - Present


1984 - 1998

The Nismo name came from shortening of ‘Nissan Motorsport’, with NISMO being simpler and more of a standout name in the motorsport world.

With the name, came the logo. This was a lot more stylised, with more angular elements to it, hinting to the more angular style of cars that NISMO were producing at the time.

This was only the beginning of the brand, with the logo being seen on our retro cars and clothing around the world!


1998 - 2004

After over a decade of the original logo, it was out with the angular look, and in with the more sleek and rounded feel to the letters.

But that wasn’t the only change, the ‘O’ was changed to a red circle, a nod to NISMO's Japanese heritage. The circle also represented more of a wheel, with the red colour being one that symbolises racing and speed - it showed where they wanted to go in the future.

It was a very patriotic logo and one that has a sense of pride for all that NISMO had accomplished for the first decade in the racing world.


2004 - Present

As NISMO moved forward in motorsports, so did the logo.

This logo is the one we’ve all come to know and love. It was developed to be a modern logo that will last and grow with NISMO as a brand.

The colours remained the same as previously. With the red symbolising speed, and black representing confidence and reliability in the brand.