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Nismo Premium RB26DETT Engine

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Nismo Premium engine was an option BNR34 owners could select when having their engine refreshed at Nismo. The engine would be upgraded to N1 specification and Sports Resetting was applied.
Engine Model RB26DETT
Premium Specification
Total Displacement 2,568 cc
Maximum Output Unlisted (factory designation 280 ps)
Maximum Torque Unlisted (factory designation 40 kg · m)
Other parts: Engine Block N1 Specification
  ECM Sports Resetting
  Piston N1 Specification
  Piston ring N1 Specification
  Head Gasket 1.2m Nismo
  Intake Collector Nismo
  Oilpan baffle plate Nismo
  Sports Air Filter Nismo
  Spark Plug Nismo #7
  Water pump N1 Specification
  Oil pump N1 Specification
  Timing belt Nismo
  Head Gasket Nismo Metal
  Oilpan baffle plate Nismo
  Injectors Standard Specification
  Air flow meter Standard Specification
Warranty period: Unknown
Price: 2,152,000 yen.