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Nismo R1 RB26DETT Engine

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Fitted to: R-Tune, Customer Cars



R1 is ultra-precise tuning that combines high-performance parts and skilled mechanic technology. Demonstrating an overwhelming power feel in the medium to high speed range that is frequently used in circuit driving, while ensuring easy-to-handle torque characteristics. Furthermore, in consideration of use under hard conditions in each stage of the circuit, development was made with emphasis on durability.

Reinforced parts such as N1 specification engine block, piston, piston ring etc are used in order to increase the engine durability to a level that can cope with a large increase in output in the high rotation range due to high load and large capacity turbo during circuit driving. Furthermore, the R1 exclusive ECM and exclusive camshaft were used to pursue the best circuit characteristics. In addition, in order to resolve daily complaints about high-power engines, the company has been working to ensure a certain level of ease of handling on the street and has cleared laws and regulations.

Introduced approx 2003
Engine Model RB26DETT
"(R-tune concept ENGINE Spec 1)" Specification
Total Displacement 2,568 cc
Maximum Output 450 ps / 7,600 rpm
Maximum Torque 48 kg · m / 5,600 rpm
Engine Block N1 Specification (GT500 optional).

Emphasis is placed on durability in circuit use, and an N1 engine block is used. Provides safety and reliability even under severe use conditions.
R1 turbo kit (NISMO).

BNR34 N1 specification ball bearing type large capacity type / with reinforced actuator.

In order to improve the output in the high rotation range, a large-capacity turbo with a GT turbine and ball bearings is installed. Reinforced actuator set.
Designated oil

COMPETITION OIL type 2212E (15W50) is the designated oil.
Other parts changed: Turbo outlet (Large capacity type NISMO)
  Piston (N1 specification)
  Piston ring (N1 specification)
  Exhaust manifold (BNR34 N1 specification)
  R1 dedicated camshaft (NISMO)
  Fuel injector (Large capacity type)
  R1 exclusive ECM (NISMO)
  Air flow meter (Large capacity type NISMO)
  Sports air filter (NISMO)
  Metal gasket (0.9mm metal NISMO)
  Engine gasket kit (genuine)
  Main bearing (F112 material + new overlay plating NISMO)
  Con rod bearing (F112 material + new overlay plating NISMO)
  Reinforced oil pump (NISMO)
  Oil pan baffle plate (NISMO)
  Reinforced timing belt (NISMO)
  Racing plug #7/#8
  Heat shield tape (50mm NISMO)
  Throttle chamber color (NISMO)
  Oil gallery plug (NISMO)
  Exhaust manifold spacer (Anti-distortion product NISMO)
  Short parts (Rubber plug, hose drain, head cover washer, ring rubber Genuine)
  Port polishing & manifold stepped correction processing (IN & EXH;)
  Piston & connecting rod weight adjustment, crank & pulley integrated balance
  Metal adjustment (main bearing, connecting rod bearing)
  Rearrangement / engine bench check
Other parts check: Motion system - Crank pulley, etc
  Lubrication / cooling system - COMPETITION OIL type 2193E (5W40) (for one vehicle), radiator cap, reservoir tank, etc.
  Intake system / idle system - AAC valve, air regulator, etc.
  Fuel system - Fuel pressure regulator, fuel strainer, etc.
  Ignition system and electrical system - EGI sub-harness, coil sub-harness, oil pressure sensor, etc.
  Hose - Heater return pipe, water hose (one set), air hose (one set), oil return hose (one set), heater hose (one set), boost hose (one set), fuel hose (one set), radiator hose (one set), etc.
  Belts - Belt tensioner, idler pulley, reinforced timing belt, compressor belt, power steering belt, fan & alternator belt, etc.
  Mount related parts, etc. - Engine mount, mission mount, T / M member bush, oil seal, other short parts
Optional Parts:  
Air inlet pipe (BCNR33, BNR34 only)
R-tune air cleaner duct (BNR34 only)
Oil cooler
Sports radiator
Radiator cap
SUPER COPPERMIX TWIN (Twin plate clutch)
NISMO Intercooler
Warranty period: The engine and peripheral parts are guaranteed for one year or 10,000 km after R1.
Price (BNR34): 1,800,000 yen (2003).
  1,890,000 yen (2009).
Price (BNR34 N1/Nur): 1,417,500 yen (2009).




Nismo R1
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