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Nismo RB-X GT2 RB26DETT Engine

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Fitted to: R33 Nismo 400R.



The heart of the NISMO R33 GT-R 400R is the RB-X GT2 engine.

Using accumulated results from countless races, with the data being applied for a thorough review and modification, to provide specs focused on increasing engine displacement and the resulting increase of torque and low- and mid-speeds. The result is smooth acceleration and a swift run-up from low and mid to high speed: a special “400R-ness” that makes this completely different from other 400-horsepower class tuning cars.
Engine Model RB-X GT2
Engine Type Water-cooling in-line 6 cylinder DOHC
Bore & Stroke 87mm x 77.7mm
Compression Ratio 8.5 : 1
Displacement 2,771 cc
Max Power 400/6800ps/rpm
Max Torque 47.8/4400kg-m/rpm
Other parts: Special ECCS unit
  Increased bore, and accordingly reinforced cylinder block
  Cylinder head shape optimized to combustion chamber
  Ø87 metal head gaskets, t=1.2
  Forged cooling channel pistons
  Special forged crankshaft
  Special forged connecting rod
  N1-spec turbine and reinforced actuator
  High-flow air cleaner
  Stainless front tube
  Low resistance sports catalyst
  High injection-valve open pressure (1.3) radiator cap
  Air-cooled oil cooler
  Sports intercooler




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