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Nissan GT-R R35: Nismo S1 Engine

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Nismo S1 Engine

S1 engine is designed so you can enjoy the performance of NISSAN GT-R (R35) for a long time. The S1 must be built with the engine overhaul at the same time.
Nismo S1 Engine
VR38DETT O / H & S1 Engine Output and Torque Characteristics Graph


Main Components

GT3 Specification Camshaft MY11 Genuine Turbocharger Dedicated ECM & TCM COMPETITION OIL 2193E (5W40)


Optional Components

NISMO sports titanium muffler

Weights 8kg less than standard.
NISMO Sports Catalytic Converter
Engine cover crystal coating

Collector crystal painting
Transmission update  


Engine Overhaul

- Engine removal / installation
- Engine assembly, inspection 
- Bench & chassis die 
- Parts fee 
- Chemicals 
- Alignment adjustment
* “Turbocharger” is not included in the price.


Work Contents:
1. In-Vehicle Inspection Basic Menu Additional Menu
Engine Room Compression measurement, consult, abnormal noise, idling etc. -
2. Engine Down Basic Menu Additional Menu
Body Engine lowering work, inspection of each part of the vehicle body joint -
Engine Connection Clutch disc inspection, clutch cover inspection, release bearing replacement, flywheel inspection
3. Cylinder Head Basic Menu Additional Menu
Body Cleaning, carbon removal, distortion inspection Port step correction processing (INT & EXH), port casting surface polishing & correction in port, manifold casting surface polishing (INT), surface polishing, combustion chamber volume adjustment (6 cylinders)
4. Valve System Basic Menu Additional Menu
Valve Cleaning, carbon removal, stem diameter measurement, bend inspection, airtight measurement, sliding Seat cut, seat exchange (24 locations) + seat cut

Valve guide exchange (EXH: 12) + centering + seat cut

Camshaft bend correction (INT & EXH)
Valve Guide Gap measurement with valve stem
Valve Spring Cleaning, set load measurement
Retainer, Sheet, Cotter Cleaning and visual inspection
Lifter Cleaning, diameter measurement, contact surface visual inspection
Camshaft Cleaning, diameter measurement, bending measurement
Pulley (Vtc Cam & Timing) Cleaning and visual inspection
Sim Clearance measurement and adjustment
5. Cylinder Block Basic Menu Additional Menu
Block Body Cleaning, carbon removal, distortion adjustment, bore measurement Bore & clearance adjustment (Pawning, Honing)
Oil Jet Cleaning and visual inspection
6. Motor System Basic Menu Additional Menu
Piston & Pin Carbon drop, diameter measurement, cleaning Piston and connecting rod weight adjustment (6 cylinders)

Crank bending correction

High precision balance adjustment (pulley + crank)

Main bearing adjustment (7 places), Connecting rod bearing adjustment (6 places)
Piston Ring Standard replacement parts
Connecting Rod Cleaning, bending, twist inspection, thrust gap measurement
Connecting Rod Bearing Washing, visual inspection, replacement
Crankshaft Cleaning, bending, thrust measurement, crankpin & journal polishing lapping
Main Bearing Cleaning, visual inspection, replacement
Crank Pulley Standard replacement parts
7. Lubrication System Basic Menu Additional Menu
Oil Pump Cleaning check -
Strainer Cleaning and visual inspection
Guide, Oil Level Gauge Standard replacement parts
Oil Filter Bracket Cleaning and visual inspection
Oil Pressure Switch Standard replacement parts
Oil Van & Baffle Cleaning and visual inspection
8. Cooling System Basic Menu Additional Menu
Water Pump Standard replacement parts -
Thermostat Standard replacement parts
Tank, Reservoir Standard replacement parts
Cap, Reservoir Tank Standard replacement parts
Radiator Cap Standard replacement parts
9. Intake System Basic Menu Additional Menu
Air Filter Standard replacement parts -
Air Flow Meter Cleaning and visual inspection
Surge Tank Cleaning and visual inspection
Throttle Chamber Standard replacement parts
Intake Manifold Cleaning and distortion inspection
Boost Hose Exchange
10. Exhaust System Basic Menu Additional Menu
Turbocharger Standard replacement parts -
11. Fuel System Basic Menu Additional Menu
Injector Fuel pressure check (bench), O-ring replacement -
Pressure Regulation Letter Cleaning and visual inspection
Fuel Chamber Cleaning and visual inspection
12. Ignition System Basic Menu Additional Menu
Plug Standard replacement parts -
Ignition Coil Standard replacement parts
Coil Sub Harness Standard replacement parts
13. Bench Operation Basic Menu Additional Menu
Completion Inspection Wrapping, normal operation confirmation, compression measurement, endoscope inspection, each sensor operation confirmation -
Performance Test Fully open performance (only for new turbo)
14. Vehicle Mounting Basic Menu Additional Menu
Engine Room Etc Inspection of each part of the marked body, inspection for cooling water bleed (LLC), engine mount replacement (FR), engine mount replacement (RR), engine room cleaning -
Plate Engine plate with serial number
Alignment Alignment measurement and adjustment
15. Road Test Basic Menu Additional Menu
Completion Inspection Various meter checks (oil temperature, oil pressure, water temperature, boost), engine noise, vibration check, warning light check, clock time adjustment etc. -
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Compatible Models

NISSAN GT-R (R35) '07 -'10-year model All domestic models (except Spec V)


Price List

Part Price
Nismo S1 + Engine overhaul 2,300,000*
Engine overhaul 1,500,000*
Engine cover crystal coating 21,000
Collector crystal painting 21,000
Transmission update Negotiable
NISMO sports titanium muffler (20100-RSR51) 478,000
NISMO Sports catalytic converter (208B5-RSR51) 380,000
* If a defect is found by inspection or measurement, correction, balancing, replacement, etc. will be required and additional costs will be incurred.


Handling Store

Nismo Omori Factory
Nismo Performance Centers




Additional Photos

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