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Nismo S2 RB26DETT Engine

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Fitted to: Fitted to: Clubman Race Spec (CRS), Customer Cars



The S1 pursued ease of handling and speed on the street by combining the disassembly of the engine by a skilled mechanic, inspection of each part, overhaul, correction of stepping, weight adjustment, balance adjustment, and special parts. The S2 was developed as a normal evolution model of the S1 with the aim of increasing the torque over the entire range from low speed to high speed. Flat torque characteristics improve handling on the street. In addition, pickup and acceleration has been improved so that the driver can enjoy driving on the circuit. S2 is an engine for occasional circuit driving while emphasizing the ease of handling on the street. Introduced approx. 2012

(S1 parts)
Engine Model RB26DETT
"S2 (S-tune concept ENGINE Spec 2)" Specification
Total Displacement 2,568 cc
Maximum Output 400 ps / 6,800 rpm
Maximum Torque 45 kg · m / 5, 600 rpm
S2 New Parts:  
S2 dedicated camshaft

By optimizing the cam profile, it eliminates the dullness in the low rotation range peculiar to turbocharged vehicles, and realizes a characteristic that can comfortably increase to the high rotation range.
Fuel injector 570cc (NISSAN GT-R (R35) genuine)

Fuel delivery pipe For R35 injector conversion (NISMO)
Metal head gasket
S2 dedicated ECM
S2 ornament
Designated oil

COMPETITION OIL type 2193E (5W40) is the designated oil.
Existing Parts from S1 Engine:  
BNR34 Genuine turbocharger

BNR32 and BCNR33 are changed to BNR34 genuine ball bearing type turbo. The adoption of a ceramic turbine wheel improves the rise of the boost pressure from the low rotation speed range, and improves the torque and response from the low and middle speed ranges.
Large diameter turbo outlet

Larger inner diameter and less change in cross-sectional area, and at the same time, the provision of a bulkhead reduces exhaust pressure and improves turbine efficiency. The exhaust pressure from the turbo and the exhaust from the swing valve merge smoothly, reducing mutual interference of exhaust and improving boost controllability.
Racing plug #7
Sports air filter
  Piston & ring (N1 specification)
  Main bearing (genuine product)
  Connecting rod bearing (N1 specification)
  Oil pump (N1 specification)
  Water pump (genuine product)
  Crank pulley & bolt (genuine product)
  Reinforced timing belt (Material reinforced product NISMO)
  Oil pan baffle plate
  Heat shield tape (50mm NISMO)
  Engine gasket kit (complete set overhaul genuine product)
  Turbo inlet water hose, rubber plug, head cover washer (genuine product)
  Port Alignment & Manifold Stepped Correction Processing (IN & EXH;)
  Piston & connecting rod weight adjustment, crank & pulley integrated balance
  Engine bench check
  O2 sensor (BNR32 only)
Other parts check: (2012-2016) Lubrication / cooling system - COMPETITION OIL type 2193E (5W40) (for one vehicle), radiator cap, reservoir tank, etc.
  Intake system / idle system - AAC valve, air regulator, etc.
  Fuel system - Fuel pressure regulator, fuel strainer, etc.
  Ignition system and electrical system - EGI sub-harness, coil sub-harness, oil pressure sensor, etc.
  Hose - Heater return pipe, water hose (one set), air hose (one set), oil return hose (one set), heater hose (one set), boost hose (one set), fuel hose (one set), radiator hose (one set), etc.
  Belts - Belt tensioner, idler pulley, reinforced timing belt, compressor belt, power steering belt, fan & alternator belt, etc.
  Mount related parts, etc. - Engine mount, mission mount, T / M member bush, oil seal, other short parts
Optional parts GT500 RRR engine block
In May 2016 the pricing was significantly increased and the engine overhaul was much more detailed, see below.
Warranty period: The engine and peripheral parts are guaranteed for one year or 10,000 km after S1.
Price (BNR34): 1,680,000 yen (2012).
  4,000,000* yen (May 2016).
  * Up to 5,000,000 yen depending on vehicle condition.
S1 to S2 Upgrade Price 580,000 yen (2012).


Engine Overhaul

- Engine removal / installation
- Engine assembly, inspection 
- Bench & chassis die 
- Parts fee 
- Chemicals 


Work Contents:
1. In-Vehicle Inspection Basic Menu Additional Menu
Engine Room Compression measurement, consult, abnormal noise, idling etc. -
2. Engine Down Basic Menu Additional Menu
Body Engine lowering work, inspection of each part of the vehicle body joint -
Engine Connection Clutch disc inspection, clutch cover inspection, release bearing replacement, flywheel inspection
3. Cylinder Head Basic Menu Additional Menu
Body Cleaning, carbon removal, distortion inspection Port step correction processing (INT & EXH), port casting surface polishing & correction in port, manifold casting surface polishing (INT), surface polishing, combustion chamber volume adjustment (6 cylinders)
4. Valve System Basic Menu Additional Menu
Valve Cleaning, carbon removal, stem diameter measurement, bend inspection, airtight measurement, sliding Seat cut, seat exchange (24 locations) + seat cut

Valve guide exchange (EXH: 12) + centering + seat cut

Camshaft bend correction (INT & EXH)
Valve Guide Gap measurement with valve stem
Valve Spring Cleaning, set load measurement
Retainer, Sheet, Cotter Cleaning and visual inspection
Lifter Cleaning, diameter measurement, contact surface visual inspection
Camshaft Cleaning, diameter measurement, bending measurement
Pulley (Cam & Timing) Cleaning and visual inspection
Sim Clearance measurement and adjustment
5. Cylinder Block Basic Menu Additional Menu
Block Body Cleaning, carbon removal, distortion adjustment, bore measurement Bore & clearance adjustment (Pawning, Honing)
Oil Jet Cleaning and visual inspection
6. Motor System Basic Menu Additional Menu
Piston & Pin Carbon drop, diameter measurement, cleaning Piston and connecting rod weight adjustment (6 cylinders)

Crank bending correction

High precision balance adjustment (pulley + crank)

Main bearing adjustment (7 places), Connecting rod bearing adjustment (6 places)
Piston Ring Standard replacement designated parts
Connecting Rod Cleaning, bending, twist inspection, thrust gap measurement
Connecting Rod Bearing Washing, visual inspection, replacement
Crankshaft Cleaning, bending, thrust measurement, crankpin & journal polishing lapping
Main Bearing Cleaning, visual inspection, replacement
Crank Pulley Standard replacement designated parts
7. Lubrication System Basic Menu Additional Menu
Oil Pump Cleaning check -
Strainer Cleaning and visual inspection
Guide, Oil Level Gauge Standard replacement designated parts
Oil Filter Bracket Cleaning and visual inspection
Oil Pressure Switch Standard replacement designated parts
Oil Van & Baffle Cleaning and visual inspection
8. Cooling System Basic Menu Additional Menu
Water Pump Standard replacement designated parts -
Thermostat Standard replacement designated parts
Tank, Reservoir Standard replacement designated parts
Cap, Reservoir Tank Standard replacement designated parts
Radiator Cap Standard replacement designated parts
Cooling Fan Standard replacement designated parts
9. Intake System Basic Menu Additional Menu
Air Filter Standard replacement designated parts -
Air Flow Meter Standard replacement designated parts
Surge Tank Cleaning and visual inspection
Throttle Chamber Cleaning and visual inspection
Intake Manifold Cleaning and distortion inspection
Balance Tube Cleaning, visual inspection, O-ring replacement
Boost Hose Exchange
10. Exhaust System Basic Menu Additional Menu
Exhaust Manifold Carbon removal, distortion check, cleaning -
Exhaust Outlet Carbon removal, distortion check, cleaning
Turbocharger Standard replacement designated parts
11. Idle System   Additional Menu
AAC Valve Standard replacement designated parts -
Air Regulator Standard replacement designated parts
12. Fuel System Basic Menu Additional Menu
Injector Fuel pressure check (bench), O-ring replacement -
Pressure Regulation Letter Cleaning and visual inspection
Fuel Strainer Standard replacement designated parts
Fuel Hose Standard replacement designated parts
Fuel Chamber Cleaning and visual inspection
13. Ignition System Basic Menu Additional Menu
Plug Standard replacement designated parts -
Ignition Coil Standard replacement designated parts
Power Transistor Standard replacement designated parts
EGI sub harness Standard replacement designated parts
Coil Sub Harness Standard replacement designated parts
Crank angle sensor Standard replacement designated parts
14. Bench Operation Basic Menu Additional Menu
Completion Inspection Wrapping, confirmation of normal operation, compression measurement, endoscope inspection, operation confirmation of each sensor -
Performance Test Fully open performance (only for new turbo)
15. Vehicle Mounting Basic Menu Additional Menu
Engine Room Etc Inspection of various parts of vehicle body connection, inspection of cooling water bleeding (LLC), replacement of engine mount (FR), replacement of engine mount (RR), replacement of T / M member push, cleaning of engine room -
Plate Engine plate with serial number
16. Road Test Basic Menu Additional Menu
Completion Inspection Various meter checks (oil temperature, oil pressure, water temperature, boost), engine noise, vibration check, warning light check, clock time adjustment etc. -
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