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Nismo Sports Resetting RB26DETT Engine

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Fitted to: S-Tune Sports Resetting, Customer Cars



Sports Resetting Package is a light tune to run with increased engine power.

This tuning package is aimed at maximizing the potential of the RB's engine modifying the engine. "Sports Resetting" is the first step of engine tuning employed by Nismo, and a sporty feeling is obtained without sacrificing reliability. Easy to handle on the street, it is a package that obtains the pleasure of driving a car with driving performance higher than normal by using a suspension that follows the road surface and a clutch with excellent operation
Engine Model RB26DETT
Sports Resetting Specification
Total Displacement 2,561 cc
Maximum Output Unlisted
Maximum Torque Unlisted
Sports Resetting ECM
  Sports Air Filter
  Racing Spark Plug (# 7)
Warranty period: Unknown
Price: 210,000 yen.



Scans by Mark Newton.