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For Sale:

R35 GT-R SpecV LHD Euro.
Year: 2010 MY11
Colour: KH3 Black
Location: Croatia

NEW PRICE - only 85k Euro!

Exceptionally rare SpecV, #10 of 24 delivered to Europe.

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For Sale by JDM-Expo:

R33 GT-R V-Spec (Series 3).
Wise Sports JGTC widebody kit
2.7L N1 engine producing 500 HP

Previously featured by Speedhunters

Location: Japan (storage available for USA customers)


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Production Numbers and Production Dates

R33 Production Numbers
180760 Built
R33 Production Dates R33 Comparison Chart


VIN Tables, Option & Model Codes, VIN Ranges

BCNR33 VIN Table
ECR33 VIN Table ENR33 VIN Table ER33 VIN Table HR33 VIN Table
16668 Built

V-Spec N1
GT-R LM & V-Spec LM
Autech Version 40th Anniv

V-Spec (Great Britain) 
R33 GT-R Production Numbers 

VIN Ranges 

Option Codes 

Option Code Statistics 

New Prices

Series 1 R33 GT-R Book 

Nismo Brochures 

Australian R33 GT-R Brochure 

Model Code Statistics
64308 Built

GTS25t Type M
GTS25t Type M Active LSD
GTS25t Type M1 4 Door
GTS25t Type M2 2 Door
GTS25t Type M2 4 Door
GTS25t Type M 40th Anniv
GTS25 Type S
7500 Built

GTS-4 Type G
GTS-4 Type X
GTS-4 40th Anniversary
28446 Built

GTS25 Type G
GTS25 Urban Runner S
GTS25 Type S/S
GTS25 Type X
GTS25 Type X Limited
GTS25 Type XG
GTS25t Type G
GTS25t Type S
63838 Built

GTS Type G
GTS Type G Limited
GTS Urban Runner
GTS Urban Runner S
GTS Type S
GTS Type X
GTS Type X Limited
GTS Type X 40th Anniversary
ECR33 Production Numbers

VIN Ranges

Option Codes

New Prices

Model Code Statistics
ENR33 Production Numbers

VIN Ranges

Option Codes

New Prices

Model Code Statistics
ER33 Production Numbers

VIN Ranges

Option Codes

New Prices

Model Code Statistics
HR33 Production Numbers

VIN Ranges

Option Codes

New Prices

Model Code Statistics


Nismo Omori Factory Cars

Nismo 400R

Nismo GT-R LeMans

Nismo Clubman Race Spec (CRS)

Nismo Restored Car
44* Built

Official Images

400R Introduction

Exterior, Interior, Engine, Chassis

400R Specification

Major Equipment

Major Specs

Build Plate


* There is claimed to be 44 built.
6 Built
1 Road Car
5 Race Cars

1995 and 1996 Le Mans 24 Hour
Official Photos 



Cooling System 





New Photos December 2019

GT-R Magazine Feature 

What is a Nismo Restored Car?

What is Restoration Defined by Nismo?

Production Flow of a Nismo Restored Car

Nismo Restored Car FAQ

Press Release



Note: Image of R32 GT-R Nismo Restored Car displayed


Other Nismo Services & Parts

Other Nismo Services

Nismo Heritage Parts
Engine Diagnostic Menu 

Vehicle Diagnostic Menu 

Chassis Refresh 

Interior Refresh 

Aging Deterioration Kit
Complete list of Nismo Heritage Parts


Special Models

GT-R LM Limited + V-Spec LM Limited V-Spec N1 Autech Version 40th Anniversary 4 Door Sedan
188 Built
86 GT-R LM
102 V-Spec LM

Changes from Standard

VIN Plate

LM Brochure

87* Built
55* V-Spec N1 (Series 1)
21 V-Spec N1 (Series 2)
11 V-Spec N1 (Series 3)

Official Image

Changes from Standard

VIN Plates

V-Spec N1 Brochure

* As there are some pre-production cars with unknown details that are probably also V-Spec N1 (Series 1), the exact number is unknown.
416 Built

Official Image

Changes from Standard

VIN Plates

Skyline GT-R Autech Version 40th Anniversary Brochure


Non Japanese Delivered R33 GT-R

V-Spec (Great Britain)
94 Built with 17 digit UK VIN
+ 3 Built with 10 digit UK VIN

Changes for Great Britain

VIN Plate

Official Images

Brochure #1

Brochure #2


Press Release

Links & Credits



Police Vehicles USA Pre-25 Year Import

External Changes

Interior Changes