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Nissan Skyline PGC10 2000GT-R 

The Nissan Skyline PGC10 2000GT-R was the first GT-R. It was released in February 1969 and is only available as a 4 door sedan. Its public debut was at the 1968 Tokyo Motor Show. It is claimed there was 832 produced. Unfortunately we don't have access to the production data to verify this.
Car Name Nissan Skyline 2000GT-R
Model Name PGC10
Dimensions and Weight
Overall length 4,395 mm
Full Width 1,610mm
Overall Height 1,385 mm
Wheelbase 2,640mm
Tread (front) 1,370mm
Tread (after) 1,365 mm
Minimum Ground Clearance 160 mm
Overhang (up to the front end) 685mm (excluding bumper) 
Overhang (up to the rear end) 1,020 mm
Interior (Length) 1,775 mm
Interior (Width) 1,300 mm
Interior (Height) 1,120 mm
Vehicle Weight 1,120 kg
Gross Vehicle Weight 1,395 kg
Capacity 5 people
Maximum Speed 200 km/h
Climbing Ability 0.49 = Sinθ
Minimum Turning Radius 5.3m
Braking Distance 13m (initial speed 50 km/h)
Acceleration Performance (0 → 400 meters) 16 seconds
Acceleration Performance (0 → 100 km/h) 9.8 seconds
Fuel Burning Cost Rate (at maximum load on paved flat road) 13.5 km/h (48.5km / h)
Maximum stable inclination angle 50 ° left and right
Model S20 type water-cooled in-line 6-cylinder DOHC
Combustion Chamber Model Multi-sphere type
Valve Arrangement 4 valve V arrangement, Cross flow boat, lifter direct drive type
Inner Diameter x Stroke 82 mm x 62.8 mm
Total Displacement 1989cc
Compression Ratio 9.5
Maximum Output 160ps / 7000rpm (150HP / 118kW)
Maximum Torque 18.0kg-m / 5600rpm (130 lb-ft / 177Nm
Ratio Output 80.4ps / l
Engine Dimensions 810 x 720 x 630 mm (length x width x height)
Engine Equipment Weight 199 kg
Vaporizer (model) Mikuni Solex N40PHH-3 pieces
Vaporizer (number) 3 pieces
Vaporizer (gas valve diameter) 40mm
Vaporizer (venturi diameter) 32 mm
Vaporizer (headwind direction) Side draft type
Air Cleaner Wet door paper
Fuel Pump Plunger electric type
Fuel Tank Capacity 100L
Lubrication method Forced circulation type
Oil Pump Gear type
Oil Pan Capacity 6 liters
Cooling Method Water-cooled forced circulation type
Dissipator Pressure type water pipe type
Cooling Water Capacity 6.7 liters
Water Pump Type Centrifugal type
Thermostat Wax pellet type
Battery NS40ZL 12V-35AH
Generator 12V-30A three-phase AC type
Starter 12V-1.6ps
Spark Plug B-7ES
Clutch Dry single plate type (hydraulic operation)
Transmission (model) 5 steps forward with O.D, 1 step backward Full synchro servo type
Transmission (operation method) Porsche type floor shift
Transmission (gear ratio) 1st speed 2.957
  2nd speed 1.858
  3rd speed 1.311
  4th speed 1.000
  5th speed 0.852
  Reverse 2.922
Reducer Model Hypoid gear type
Reduction Ratio 4.444
Differential Mechanical with non-slip differential
Format Recirculating ball type
Gear Ratio 18.5
Scratch Angle Inside 37 ° Outside 29 ° 30'
Handle Diameter 405 mm
Traveling Device  
Front Axle Model Strut ball joint type
Toe-in 4mm
Camber 1" 00'
Caster 1" 50'
Kingpin Angle 7" 40'
Front Wheel Independent suspension strut type
Front Wheel (wire diameter x center diameter x free length-effective number of turns) 12.5 x 130 x 335-4.75
Rear Wheel Independent suspension semi-trailing arm 
Rear Wheel (wire diameter x center diameter x free length-effective number of turns) 15 x 90 x 270, 5-6, 0
Shock Absorber (front and rear) Hydraulic double acting cylinder type
Stabilizer Torsion bar type
Both Tires and Front and Rear Wheels 6.45 (H type) 14-4PR
Main brake type (front) Disc
Main brake type (rear) Leading trailing
Parking Brake Type Mechanical rear two-wheel braking
Note: Most of this data is translated from Japanese to English by Google.


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