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A'PEXi A450

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A'PEXi A450

GT for Adults

It's not a rough-hewn sports car that puts extreme stress on the driver. Nor is it the appearance of a formal sedan that has forgotten to make a statement. It's a high-speed tourer for adults. The installed RB26 has been tuned to every corner and generates 450PS/6800rpm. The characteristics of the suspension and steering parts of the chassis have been carefully adjusted, and the exterior has been given a completely original shape with excellent aerodynamic characteristics. The potential to enable ultra-high-speed cruising is for comfortable driving for adults. The interior has the proper feel of a GT, while the genuine leather creates a high-quality space. The taste that only genuine materials can provide evokes a sense of anticipation for driving and the joy of owning it. This is one form that Apex wanted to create. Unique original car A'PEXi A450.

There is not a lot of information on what was actually modified to these cars. There was 3 cars produced, one silver car (BNR32-218810), one red car and one gunmetal car. There was also a 550 PS option.
Drive method Method: 4WD
Engine model: RB26DET
Grade: A450
Body shape: 2 door coupe
Transmission: manual 5 speed

Engine performance Note: Uses unleaded premium gasoline
Model: RB26DET
Maximum output (PS/rpm): 450/6800
Maximum torque (kg-m/rpm): 52/3600

Total length (mm): 4720
Overall width (mm): 1810
Overall height (mm): 1310
Indoor length (mm): 1805
Indoor width (mm): 1400
Indoor height (mm): 1090
Wheelbase (mm): 2615
Before tread (mm): 1520
After tread (mm): 1520
Vehicle Version Sale Price A'PEXi A450

Specification: Price

● A450 standard specification: 8,900,000 yen
● A450 interior refresh version: 9,800,000 yen
● A450 high performance version: 10,400,000 yen
● Built-up version: 6,400,000 yen

Package: Price

● Interior package spec A: 1,600,000
● Interior package spec B: 2,500,000
● Exterior package: 6,000,000
● Engine package spec A: 1,600,000
● Engine package spec B: 3,000,000
● Footwork package spec A: 850,000
● Footwork package spec B: 1,450,000
Content: Delivery Time
● Specifications of attached specification table: 1 Month
● Replace interior parts such as ceiling lining and instrument panel with new parts.: 1 Month
● 550 horsepower specification High lift cam, connecting rods, crank, twin turbo, etc., fuel related tuning up (does not include interior refresh): 1 Month
● You bring in your own vehicle and we finish it to A450 standard specifications.: 1.5 Months
● Processing to the interior with the same specifications as A450: 3 Weeks
● In addition to spec A, the ceiling lining, instrument panel excavation, etc. were replaced with new parts.: 3 Weeks
● Exterior changes to A450 specifications (including tires, road wheels, brakes, springs, shock absorbers, mufflers, etc.): 1.5 Months
● Single turbo, camshaft, engine O/HA450 exclusive muffler: 1 Month
● Engine tune for 550 horsepower: 1 Month
● Installation of springs, shock absorbers, and brakes (calipers, pads, rotors).: 3 Weeks
● In addition to the specs, it is equipped with tires, road wheels, and over fenders due to the wider tread.: 3 Weeks


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