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Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R Nismo

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GT-R Nismo 560
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Official Image


Changes from Standard

The following information and photos are reused with permission from Oliver of 23gt.net with assistance by Lucas Davidson.
* Nismo bodykit
- A rear flap that sat underneath the standard wing to improve downforce.
- Two ducts in the front bumper to allow more airflow to the intercooler.
- The side skirts were modified with an extended rear portion.
- A lip extension was added to the bonnet.
* Steel turbine turbochargers  
* Rear Nismo decal
* No ABS  
* No Rear wiper
* Lower left ancillary button to control the radio was blanked out, no rear wiper control.


VIN Plate

All R32 GTR Nismo have the model code of KBNR32RXFSL RA.

VIN range starts at BNR32-100001 and finishes at BNR32-100560.


R32 GTR Nismo Brochure

Scan by Mark Newton.


FIA Application

The following documents are reused with permission and credit to International Vehicle Importers.


Upgrade your GT-R to Nismo Specification

Nissan or Nismo also had a small program to upgrade your GT-R to Nismo Specification. It offered 5 items to upgrade
A) GT-R Nismo Front Bumper 78,600 yen.
Air intakes are arranged on the left and right of the licence plate, air flow is increased significantly.
B) GT-R Nismo Hood top 6,900 yen.
Cooling effect of the engine by adding molding to the edge of the hood.
C) GT-R Nismo Side Sill Protector (left and right set) 106,900 yen.
Improve the aerodynamic characteristics and improve air flow to the rear.
D) GT-R Nismo Small Rear Spoiler 48,700 yen.
A small spoiler is added to the rear. It is extremely effective in increasing the downforce of the vehicle.
E) GT-R Nismo Sticker 350 yen
A GT-R Nismo sticker to show off.