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Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R V-Spec N1

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V-Spec N1 (Series 1) 55*
V-Spec N1 (Series 2) 21
V-Spec N1 (Series 3) 11
Total 87* 
* As there are some pre-production cars with unknown details that are probably also V-Spec N1 (S1), the exact number is unknown.
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Official Image


Changes from Standard

As listed on V-Spec N1 Specification brochure below:
Carbon center rear spoiler (with angle adjustment mechanism)
Carbon undercover
Front bumper air intake duct
Placement of "hood top molding"
Carbon intercooler air guide
Metal turbine (turbochargers and other N1 engine parts)

As documented by Aki Itoh of r33gt-r.com.
1. Turbo chargers used metal turbines
2. Thickness of piston second land increased from 4.0mm to 4.6mm
3. Changes to material used in con-rod bearings
4. Strengthened air inlet hosing
5. Use of air cooled oil cooler
6. Larger vanes in water pump
7. Strengthened areas around cylinder boss head bolt boss, N1 engine (block stamped 24U).

To Increase Response:
8. Thinner piston ring gap (top and second - from 1.5mm to 1.2mm)
9. Changes to cam profiles (the exhaust side overlap - 0 to 5 degrees)
Air-cooled engine oil cooler
Not equipped for V-Spec (ie these items are not on the N1 that are on the V-Spec)
Heat ray rear window with timer
Ozone safe full auto air conditioner
Ignition key cylinder lighting
Passenger seat vanity mirror
Audio (including antenna, harness etc)
Rear seat assist grip
There are no maker option settings for the N1 specification.
(Note) The transmission, front differential, rear differential and transfer oil coolers (NISMO) are set as dealer options.
N1 specifications set only for body color and white <#QM1>.
Price of the N1 car was about 1,200,000 yen more than GT-R, and 700,000 yen more than the V-Spec model.


VIN Plates

All Series 1 V-Spec N1 have the model code of GGJPRWFR33ZDA--C--
All Series 2 V-Spec N1 have the model code of GGJPRWFR33ZDA--N--
All Series 3 V-Spec N1 have the model code of GGJPRWFR33ZDA--R--
VIN plates provided by Terry Tung-Yep and Andrew Hannason.


R33 GT-R V-Spec N1 Brochure

Series 1 Brochure:
Scan provided by Mark Newton.