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Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R Concept and Pre-Production Information

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This page documents R34 GT-R concept and pre-production information. The images are sourced from Motor Fan — VOL.240 magazine.


Concept Images

These are original concept drawings of the R34 GT-R.

Items to note:
- Different wing designs.
- Different wheel designs.
- Different front bar and diffuser designs.
- Rear vents in front of rear wheel.
- Vents on side of front bar.
- Different rear bumper designs.


Clay Model

This is a full size clay model of the R34 GT-R.

Items to note:
- Different front bar, different diffuser shape.
- Round fron indicators.
- Headlamp design different.
- Much different rear wing.
- No rear fog lamp.
- No front or rear wiper.
- Skyline writing on back of car in different location and raised.


Paint Colours

The paint colours selected were already picked at this time. Of note is the new Bayside Blue and note of not using the dark blue from the R34 range. Also Midnight Purple II will be the first multiflex paint colour used by a Japanese manufacturer. At this point it was already decided to limit this paint to 300 cars, but 347 were produced.


Interior Designs

These designs were completed before the Multi Function Display was finalised. 

Things of note:
- 2 different seat patterns - very light grey and black/grey.
- Orange stitching and orange harness seat inserts were considered.
- GT-R logo on horn was different.
- Gearknob was different.
- Console lid was different shaped.
- Design on driver's door controls was different.
Early in the design process, it was decided different tachometers would be used for the base model and the V-Spec model.

Things of note:
- Several different key designs were considered, including a yellow key.
- Various designs of the gearknob was considered.


Seat Colours

Images of interior colours and textures. Designers got the idea for spotted seats from the encounter between man made items and nature. On the left are proposals for seat material. Even orange was considered! This was made available on the S15 Silvia. 

In the middle are sample paint colours.

On the right are interior trim finish examples.


GT500 Prototype

Early All Japan GT Championship (aka GT500/Japanese Grand Touring Championship/JGTC design being tested.


Super Taikyu N1 Prototype

Shakedown of the Super Taikyu N1 (aka Super Endurance N1) specification car.


Pre-Production VIN Plate

This is a rather small image of BNR34-000104 which is the last series 1 Pre-Production R34 GT-R. The next chassis number after this is BNR34-000201.



The images on this page are from Motor Fan — VOL.240 magazine.
Kindly provided to us by Алексей Бекетов @vergil.beketov