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Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R + V-Spec LV4 Midnight Purple II

VIN Plate | Midnight Purple II Brochure | USA Import
Midnight Purple II  
GT-R 65*
V-Spec 282*
Total 347+
* As there are some pre-production cars with unknown details that could be LV4, the exact number is unknown.
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VIN Plate

Midnight Purple 2 cars do not have any specific identifier in the model code. They have LV4 for the colour code.


R34 GTR + V-Spec Midnight Purple 2 Brochure

Brochure scan provided by Raj MrFijiGold.


USA Import

Midnight Purple 2 V-Specs are one of only two types of R34 GT-R that are eligible for Show and Display exemption in USA. The other is the M-Spec nur in any colour.

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