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Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R Nismo R-Tune R1

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Note: There is no exact R-Tune specification. Click photo of car for more photos.
     Nismo R-TuneBase Car Colour  Info
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     Nismo R-TuneBase Car Colour  Info

Nismo R-Tune Concept and R-Tune Suspension Demo Car

     Nismo R-TuneBase Car Colour  Info
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     Nismo R-TuneBase Car Colour  Info



R-tune, R1 Package pursues performance for realizing both overwhelming power, durability and serious circuit performance.

This is a high spec package to give the vehicle a high potential to get fast lap times at the circuit while still being able to drive around town. High power and torque is available for the circuit, and the engine has high durability for ongoing laps under severe workload. The suspension brings out the tire's grip to the full extent. It is a tuning machine for serious runners who aims to "win at the circuit" all parts.



R1 engine that performs ultra precision tuning to dramatically improve power and torque in the medium to high speed range. Engine parts, pistons and other durable parts are adopted from the N1 engine, ensuring safety and reliability even under severe use conditions. It is possible to drive to the full potential of the engine during circuit races.
Engine Model RB26DETT (Nur specification)
"R1 (R-tune concept ENGINE Spec 1)" Specification
Total Displacement 2,568 cc
Maximum Output 450 ps / 7,600 rpm
Maximum Torque 48 kg · m / 5, 600 rpm
Engine Mount Enhanced product
Head Cover & Collector Tank Gold crystal paint (special color)
Air Inlet Pipe Made of aluminum pipe
Air Cleaner Duct FRP "NISMO" logo included
Exhaust System Weldina NE-1, with sports catalyzer
Engine Oil Cooler 13 steps, cooling efficiency STD ratio 47% increase
Racing Radiator Cap Operating valve pressure P = 0.13 MPa
Engine Oil VERUSPEED 10W-60
Final Gear Gear ratio = 3.916 (STD; 3.545)
FR Def Mechanical LSD
RR Diff Mount Enhanced product
Dedicated ECM for R1 Sports air filter
R1 large-capacity reinforced actuator with large capacity turbo Metal head gasket
Engine block (N1 specification) Main bearing
Larger diameter turbo outlet Connecting rod bearing
Piston (N1 specification) Oil pump
Piston ring (N1 specification) Oil pan baffle plate
R1 exclusive cam shaft Timing belt
Fuel injector (large capacity type) Racing spark plug (# 7)
Exhaust manifold (N1 specification) Air inlet pipe
Air flow meter (large capacity type)  

Sports radiator

Racing Radiator Cap

Air Inlet Pipe

R-Tune Air Cleaner Duct

Engine Oil Cooler


Power Train

Nismo's strongest sports clutch corresponding to allowable output of 600 PS and above. For the friction material, we use a phenomenal new material call copper mix that has stable torque transmission and handling unffected by high temperatures. Use in traffic is also improved, better than metal and carbon clutches.

Super Copper Mix Twin Clutch



"R-tune suspension kit" is designed with a high reduction of roll and improved turnability while ensuring comfort ride to a certain level. Furthermore, by using a "stabilizer kit", high steering stability was ensured. The wheel adopts a 1-piece forged "LM GT 4" for reduction of unsprung load, high rigidity, and high strength. We have set up special specifications and gold models for NISMO package car only.
Suspension G-ATTACK R-tune Suspension kit
(Coil spring is specially designed for this vehicle only)
Stabilizer kit (front and rear)
FR circuit link
Suspension link and reinforced bush
(Except for RR suspension member bush)
Tower Bar FR made of titanium only
FR Brake Brembo made F50 caliper + 0355 rotor (2 pieces)
Brake air guide
Brake Pad S-tune non asbestos (front & rear)
(RR brake is STD caliper)
Brake Hose PTFE Hose + Stainless Mesh
Tire Before and after Potenza RE-010: 275 / 35ZR18
Aluminum Road Wheels LMGT 4 LTD 2 18 inch Forged around 1 piece: 18 × 9.5 JJ

R-Tune Suspension Kit

Stablizer Kit

Brake Hose Set

LMGT4 (18 × 9.5 J)

High Performance Brake Kit



Exterior filled with the wealth of expertise Nismo got from the development of race cars. We tried to increase downforce by aerodynamics derived by wind tunnel experiment. Also, in order to reduce the drag coefficient, the design improves the shape of the duct and guide, enhancing the cooling effect of the engine and the brakes. This effect is demonstrated on the circuit with many laps. Also, the rear is equipped with a three-dimensional metal emblem exclusive for NISMO package cars.
Aero kit Front aero bumper
Side skirt set
Rear spoiler
Carbon flap
Rear under spoiler set
Diffuser fin (made of carbon)
Bonnet R-tune carbon hood
Carbon pillar garnish "NISMO" logo, carbon fibre
Fuel filler cover Made of aluminium
Clear winker lens Clear
Side winker lens Smoked
Stripe NISMO Demo Car Stripe Specification

R-Tune Carbon Hood

Front Aero Bumper

Side Skirt

Rear Under Spoiler Set

Rear Spoiler Flap

Carbon Pillar Garnish

Clear Front Indicators

Clear Side Indicators

Dedicated Emblem Nismo R-Tune



Combination meter with 320 km/h, and "Floor Mat" which enables quick pedal function and improve grip for the heel. Stimulates the driver's driving, and adopts functional interior parts.
Multifunction Display Nismo upgrade
Combination Meter White or black selectable 320 km/h, 11,000 rpm
Steering Wheel 365 C type
Steering Spoke Ornament Carbon fibre finish
Horn Button NISMO with logo
Seat Belt FR is full harness (4-point type)
Shift Knob GT shift knob, made of titanium
Floor Mat "NISMO" with aluminum plate with logo, black

Combination Meter (White or Black)

GT shift knob

Floor Mats



Vehicle comes with original car validation.

Car Inspection


R-Tune Stripes

Stripe Pattern Vehicle Colour Image
1. Red / Black / Grey White & Pearl White
1. Red / Black / Grey Sparkling Silver
1. Red / Black / Grey Millennium Jade
1. Red / Black / Grey Z-Tune Silver
2. Red / White / Grey Bayside Blue
2. Red / White / Grey Black Pearl
3. Red / Black / White Athlete Silver
4. White / Black / Grey Active Red
Paint colours that we have not seen R-Tune stripes applied to by Nismo:
Lightning Yellow    
Midnight Purple II    
Midnight Purple III    
Silica Brass    
Sonic Silver    


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