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What is a Nismo Restored Car?

"Restoration defined by NISMO" goes beyond the general concept and methods of visually sprucing up, and instead is done according to a new concept that also includes "restoring performance in a visible way.”

This is the only way that aims bringing vehicles in various conditions back to a certain level of performance of a particular vehicle when it was new. This can only be done by NISMO, by making use of various methods, techniques, equipment, facilities, and so on.

This also makes a "NISMO restored car" a one-off for the owner, which maintains its brilliance and performance for decades to come.

A Nismo Restored Car is available for R32 GT-R, R33 GT-R and R34 GT-R.


What is Restoration Defined by Nismo?

1. Body
To guarantee overall performance, we measure the torsional rigidity and dimensions of the body according to the NISMO standards based on the performance of the automobile manufacturer, and then make repairs to correct deterioration factors and maintain a good balance. After the deteriorated sealing is reapplied, the entire body is repainted in the requested color.
(Optional: Electrodeposited coating, melting sheet replacement)
2. Engine
After the engine is fully disassembled for overhaul and balancing, benchtop performance measurements and lapping are performed.
(Optional: Upgrading to NISMO tuning specifications)
Others, drive-line, braking system
Operation check, inspection, disassembly and cleaning, overhaul, and replacement and painting of deteriorated parts.
(Optional: Additional replacement of components in requested parts)
3. Interior
(Optional: Replacement in consideration of total coordination of vehicle cabin using NISSAN GT-R (R35) coverings, painting repair of plastic parts)
Others, electrical system
Continuity and operation check, inspection, and replacement of deteriorated parts.
4. Completion inspection
After conducting thorough performance examination on a chassis dynamometer, test driving is done by a Nismo test driver or a professional driver.


Production Flow of a Nismo Restored Car

Note: Photos are of a R32 GT-R.
1. Complete disassembly
Restoration begins with complete disassembly of the car body.

All parts including minor parts are removed in order to ascertain the condition of all parts and perform the optimum work in the following processes.
2. Body dimensions measurement and repair
As a general practice, the frame dimensions are accurately measured using the latest 3D measuring instrument.

Corroded parts are repaired and, at the same time, the body is restored to proper condition.

Then, panels are repaired to correct for the reduced body rigidity resulting from aging.

This is optimum work that also considers corrosion by heat entering the panels that can only be done by NISMO, who has tuned SKYLINE GT-R cars to the ultimate and engaged in racing activities.
3. Paint removal and electrodeposited coating
It is also possible to perform optional paint removal and reapply the electrodeposited coating during the restoration process.

The bare iron body free of any rust makes you feel the amazingness that creates new value.

This is one of the special processes known only to the owner.
4. Body torsional rigidity measurement
This is the most important process of a NISMO restored car, for which NISMO proposes a new restoration method.

This measurement determines the performance of the optimally repaired body in a comprehensive and visible way.

Values at multiple measurement points are checked to see if there are any differences in the left/right balance, whether the rigidity value at the time of production is ensured, and whether the body exhibits appropriate flexibility.
5. Coating
This work starts with removing the sealing hardened due to aging deterioration and polishing the coating film of parts plated in the past.

Then, after degreasing, the sealing is reapplied, and an undercoat that produces the equivalent effect to an electrodeposited coating is applied, followed by baking in an oven. Then after surfacer and putty are applied, the car proceeds to the final topcoat process.

In the topcoat process, parts that are not painted on the factory line are also painted to achieve a quality and finish equivalent to that of show cars displayed by automobile manufacturers.

Also, we can reproduce the original color from a color sample from the time of original production, or you can choose to change the color to another color.
6. Engine (Disassembly/assembly)
NISMO, with experience assembling a large number of SKYLINE GT-R RB26DETT engines, performs overhauls in which the engine is reassembled with a precision higher than standard for automobile manufacturers.

Just like the body, all parts are disassembled, cleaned, measured and inspected one by one.

Then, consumable parts are replaced, followed by machining and correction according to the inspection results.

Furthermore, supported by the know-how earned through many racing activities, you can also choose to have the engine reborn as a tuned engine.
7. Engine (Benchtop performance measurement)
The overhauled or tuned RB26DETT engine undergoes benchtop performance checks.

In lapping under high & low load conditions between 2,400 to 6,000 rpm in 400 rpm increments, we check for problems in the control of each electrical part, and then for leaks in the cooling and hydraulic pathways.

After these preparations have been completed, a boost check is performed, followed by performance checks at full throttle up to 6,800 rpm or 7,600 rpm in accordance with the specifications.

As a result, the benchtop performance measurement data of each engine is recorded and managed by NISMO, and only engines that properly satisfy the output performance in the required range are finally delivered to the engine-mounting process.
8. Drive-line
Clutch, transmission, transfer, FR & FR propeller shaft, FR & FR differential, and four drive shafts of the drive train that transmit and control power output from the engine.

Depending on the part, unit replacement with new parts, overhaul, or rebalancing is performed.
9. Chassis parts
There are a variety of finishings for chassis repairs.

Replacement of rubber bushings and replacement and repainting of link arms.

Replacement or inspection and measurement of shock absorbers and springs.

Replacement or inspection and overhaul of brake line and caliper rotors, clutch line, fuel line and tanks, air conditioner, E-TS hydraulic unit extending from power steering pump, and cooling system components.

Others include repainting and plating of brackets and stays, and replacement of minor parts such as nuts and bolts.
10. Electrical components
Just like chassis components, electrical parts are replaced with "NISMO Heritage Parts" for SKYLINE GT-R, born from the activity of remanufacturing genuine parts that were once discontinued, and they go through CPU operational checks and cleaning.

Even the harnesses that must be carried over may have their couplers replaced depending on the degree of deterioration.
11. Interior
In order to create a NISMO restored car that restores performance in a visible way, the repair work also involves showing distinctive NISMO features in the interiors.

Due to flame retardant standards, the fabrics at the time of production are not available.

However, under supervision of a Nissan designer, in order to fully utilize the SKYLINE GT-R world perspective, we newly propose upholstering using only the fabrics used in the NISSAN GT-R (R35) for all parts.

We not only use fabrics not available on the market but also achieve a combination of coverings for comprehensively designed interiors.

You can enjoy new value combined with painting repair of plastic parts.

Of course, if you want to keep the car original, we will only repair the parts by cleaning.
12. Test driving and completion
After all repairs have been completed, the car’s output is measured and checked for defects using a chassis dynamometer directly coupled to the car’s axle. After that, we proceed to the final test driving.

In test driving, we assume 7 evaluation courses and check 12 items for road holding ability (steering feel, turning, stability, and roll feel) and 9 items for riding comfort (flatness, damping, shock magnitude, high-frequency vibration, and postural change). The NISMO test driver also performs noise evaluation of the suspension and power steering.

These are checked to see if they are at the same level as when the car was new, which serves as proof that the car has been restored properly as a NISMO restored car.

In addition, we also record and present the history of continuation, replacement (including part numbers), inspections, recoating, etc., of all of the parts that constitute one vehicle.

Then, the car is delivered to the owner.


Nismo Restored Car FAQ

Q1 : I would like my car to be “NISMO restored car”. Is that possible?
A1 : We accept various cars. However, we will check the condition of your car in advance at a NISMO directly-operated store and decide whether it can be NISMO restored or not. (If you are distant from such a store, you can apply by submitting photos and video of the vehicle parts designated by NISMO)
Q2 : Are you able to find a vehicle to work on at NISMO?
A2 : NISMO can help you find a vehicle. In that case, we will check the condition of the car at the same time. In addition, there are also times when there are complete cars already processed at NISMO. Both would be NISMO restored cars.
Q3 : What is different between NISMO restorations and other companies’ restorations?
A3 : You can choose to carry out repairs to values visualizing body rigidity at the new car level, and with regard to the interior, where we cannot reproduce the original for legal reasons, you can choose a totally coordinated repair under the supervision of an automobile manufacturer designer using the material used in the NISSAN GT-R (R 35) for the outer layer.
Q4 : What specifications can you produce with?
A4 : We have a production proposal with CRS/Clubman race spec, the NISMO concept car and specifications that build as faithfully as possible to the genuine original.
Q5 : How long does production take?
A5 : It will vary depending on the model, grade, model year, condition, etc., but the production period is from about six months to one year.
Q6 : Where will restoration take place?
A6 : Production will be managed at a NISMO directly-operated store.
Q7 : How can I make a purchase or request?
A7 : Please direct inquiries to NISMO after referring to our website.
Q8 : About how much does it cost?
A8 : It will vary depending on the model, grade, model year, condition, replacement parts etc., but the standard reference price for production costs is about 45 million yen (including tax).
Q9 : How do I pay?
A9 : The transaction will be carried out in Japanese yen, and after the specified deposit (80% of the total amount) is paid on each due date, the balance is settled at the time of delivery (20% of the total and additional costs).
Q10 : I do not know how to communicate in Japan so can I appoint an agent?
A10 : An applicant can appoint an agent as they wish. In that case, please confirm the details of the designated contract and provide the name and your approval of the person who will act as your agent.
Q11 : How do I get my car to you?
A11 : Applicants are to arrange the transportation of your vehicles.
Q12 : Can I check the state of my vehicle after restoration has started?
A12 : We will report to the owner with photos and other information from time to time at milestones in restoration, including things that change during the disassembly and restoration process, so please wait for delivery of your car while checking and enjoying the process to completion.
Q13 : Will there be evidence of restoration on this car?
A13 : We will attach a special plate engraved with the production serial number of the NISMO restored car to the car, and we will give you the details of each part and documentary photos of the areas subject to restoration in a special binder.
Q14 : What kind of warranty do produced cars have?
A14 : NISMO provides a warranty for one year from the date of delivery or up to 20,000 km as a restoration warranty in Japan (warranty against defects caused by restoration work). For details, refer to "Points to be checked upon ordering a NISMO restored car” that you check when applying.
Q15 : I have a standard BNR32. Can I change it to another grade (for example, Vspec)?
A15 : It depends on the state of supply of component parts, but such work is possible. However, each car body has a grade tied to the chassis number, so that will not be proof of the changed grade.
Q16 : The special plate has broken. Can it be reissued?
A16 : We can only replace a damaged plate on a vehicle at a NISMO directly-operated store after confirming the vehicle and in combination with the return of the broken plate. Please understand that this is done to prove the value of NISMO restored cars and maintain value for owners.
Q17 : Is maintenance at NISMO possible after purchase?
A17 : Maintenance is handled at our directly-operated stores.
Q18 : Apart from NISMO restored cars, is a partial overhaul or tuning possible?
A18 : We accept complete refresh & overhaul work, which repairs to a finish good enough to be known generally as a full restoration.


Press Release

Nismo Press Release | Japanese

Skyline GT-R (R 32, R 33, R 34) restoration business starts "NISMO restored car"

Nissan Motorsports International Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama; President: Takao Katagiri; hereinafter referred to as "Nismo") will start restorations of the Skyline GT-R, with the high added value, quality and standards-based performance unique to Nismo.

Since November 2017, Nismo has been implementing "NISMO Heritage" as a joint project with Nissan Motor Corporation, reissuing and selling genuine parts whose manufacture has been discontinued. While advancing those activities, we have defined anew "the restored cars Nismo envisages" based on the car manufacturing knowhow that supports Nismo's racing activities with the Skyline GT-R, as well as the maintenance and tuning knowledge and technology that we have provided at our directly managed store, and launched a service under the name "NISMO restored car." At Nismo's directly managed store, we sell complete cars and restore cars that are brought in.

Taking advantage of our direct relationship with Nissan, we believe that the standards of "NISMO restored car," the new restoration work that we are proposing and which raises "the visualization of performance" and "getting close to new car level performance," will lead to us leaving Japanese cars including the Skyline GT-R, which has started to obtain new value globally, to future generations in better condition.

Also, aimed at having this new activity understood by more people, we will introduce and exhibit the prototype of the NISMO restored car, produced based on a BNR32, at BH Auction Japan Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; representative: Shinji Takei) from spring 2021.
The restoration work defined by Nismo "Visualization of performance as the results of restoration"
Moving beyond the general idea and method of restoration of making the car look good visually, we will carry out restoration under the new concept of "restoring cars in a form that visualizes performance" in all areas. Our body restoration work, in particular, is on a level achievable only by Nismo based on the standard values. The performance of each part is also confirmed by quantifying everything in accordance with the inspection and measurement standards established by Nissan Motor. In addition, we also record and present the history of continuation, replacement (including part numbers), inspections, recoating, etc., of all of the parts that constitute one vehicle.
1. Body:  
Based on Nismo standards, which are based on Nissan Motor's track record, we carry out repairs including "body-in-white torsional stiffness measurement" and "body dimension measurement" and confirm overall performance maintaining a good balance with corrected deterioration values. After deteriorated sealing is reapplied, we repaint the whole body in the color requested. (Optional: Electrodeposited coating, melting sheet replacement)
2. Engine:  
After the engine is fully disassembled for overhaul and balancing, benchtop performance measurements and lapping are performed to confirm that performance is at the new car level. (Optional: Upgrade to Nismo tuning specifications)

Drive system - operation check, inspection, disassembly and cleaning, overhaul, and replacement and painting of deteriorated parts

Braking system - (Optional: Additional replacement of parts in requested places)
3. Interior:  
(Optional: Using the surface of NISSAN GT-R (R 35), totally coordinated replacement of interior. Painting repair of plastic parts)

Electrical system - Conduction and operation check, inspection, and replacement of deteriorated parts.
4. Completion inspection:  
After performance measurement on a chassis dynamometer, we implement a final check of performance in test driving by a Nismo test driver or professional driver.



Further Images of the R32 GT-R Nismo Restored Car are available here.



Video of included documentation provided by Nismo.


Nismo Restored Car