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Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R Nismo S-Tune Sports Resetting

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Note: Sports Resetting was available separately which two different types, a base kit of a computer (ECU) with tune, spark plugs and a sports air filter, and a full kit which also includes an exhaust system for a standard R34 GT-R. S-Tune Sports Resetting is a S-Tune that does not have the S1 engine, but has the Sports Resetting computer and tune on standard engine.
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S-Tune, Sports Resetting Package is a light tune to run with increased engine power.

This tuning package is aimed at maximizing the potential of the RB's engine modifying the engine. "Sports Resetting" is the first step of engine tuning employed by Nismo, and a sporty feeling is obtained without sacrificing reliability. Easy to handle on the street, it is a package that obtains the pleasure of driving a car with driving performance higher than normal by using a suspension that follows the road surface and a clutch with excellent operation.



We will tune from ECM and ignition system etc to evolve more sporty engine characteristics. By reviewing the safety margin provided in the production specification with the technology of Nismo, we have realized the good response in the low and medium speed range while power output is sustained in the higher rpm range.
Sports Air Filter  
Racing Spark Plug (# 7)  

Sports Resetting ECU


Power Train

"Sports clutch kit" using a phenomenal new material Copper Mix that goes beyond metal realizes stable torque transmission and easy handling which is not affected by thermal change. Boasting a feeling of operation like a genuine clutch, it is a clutch system that anyone can use normally.

Sports Clutch Kit (Copper Mix)



Chassis tuning that is "easy to handle". The "S-tune suspension system" boasts steering stability that follows the ground even when traveling on high speeds and rough roads. The "S-tune brake pad" and "brake hose set" improve not only the braking power, but also squeak and dust reduction, while the pedal feel and response are improved. The wheel is a one piece forged "LMGT4" in gold model specificically for NISMO package cars. A reduction of unsprung load, high rigidity, high strength are realized.
Suspension S-tune suspension system
(Shock absorber, coil spring, stabilizer)
Brake Pad S-tune non asbestos (front & rear)
Brake Hose PTFE Hose + Stainless Mesh
Tire Potenza RE-01: 275/35 ZR 18
Aluminium Road Wheels NISMO LMGT 4 18 inch forged 1 piece
Gold, White, Silver or Bronze selectable
18 × 9.5 JJ

S-Tune Suspension System

S-Tune Brake Pad

Brake Hose Set

LMGT4 (18 × 9.5 J)



The exterior is filled with a wealth of expertise that Nismo received during the development of race cars. We tried to increase downforce by improved aerodynamics derived by wind tunnel development. As well as reducing drag coefficient, we have enhanced the cooling effect of the engine room and the brakes. The rear is fitted ith a three-dimensional metal emblem exclusive for NISMO package cars.
Aero Kit Front aero bumper
Side skirt set
Rear spoiler, carbon flap
Rear under spoiler set
Carbon Pillar Garnish "NISMO" logo, carbon fibre
Fuel Filler Cover Made of aluminium
Clear Indicator Lens Front and side
Dedicated Emblem NISMO and S-Tune

Front Aero Bumper

Side Skirt

Rear Under Spoiler Set

Rear Spoiler Flap

Carbon Pillar Garnish

Clear Front Indicators

Clear Side Indicators

Dedicated Emblem Nismo S-Tune



Combination meter with 320 km/h, and "Floor Mat" which enables quick pedal function and improve grip for the heel. Stimulates the driver's driving, and adopts functional interior parts.
Multifunction Display Nismo upgrade
Combination Meter White or black selectable 320 km/h, 11,000 rpm
Shift knob GT shift knob, made of titanium
Floor Mat "NISMO" with aluminum plate with logo, black

Combination Meter (White or Black)

GT shift knob

Floor Mats



Vehicle comes with original car validation.

Car Inspection


Sports Resetting Catalog

Scans by Mark Newton.


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