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Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R V-Spec (Great Britain)

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AR2 - Active Red EV1 - Lightning Yellow GV1 - Black Pearl KV2 - Athlete Silver LX0 - Midnight Purple III TV2 - Bayside Blue
Colour Code AR2 EV1 GV1 KV2 LX0 TV2 Total
Great Britain R34 GTR V-Spec 11 3 10 22 1 34 81
Lead car + Prototypes + Spare*           1+6+1  
* These cars have been bought to UK Spec but have Japanese VIN, as such they are counted
separately to the 80x 17 digit VIN Great Britain cars.
    VINModel Code    SpecificationsNotes
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VIN Ranges

First Last Total
JN1GAPR34U0000001   1
JN1GAPR34U0000101 JN1GAPR34U0000180 80


Changes from Standard V-Spec

Modified for Great Britain Market by Middlehurst.
Front air intake on bumper.

Non-xenon halogen headlamps.

200 mph speedo.
Kenwood head unit.
Kenwood CD stacker in boot
Nismo MFD.
Connolly leather seats in black.

Optional Red leather seats.


English translated sticker on top of fuse box to cover orginal Japanese text.
English Owner's Manual and Warranty Booklet.
Cobra alarm.

Gearbox cooler.  
Rear differential cooler.  
Engine Oil cooler.  


VIN Plate

All Great Britain V-Specs have a 17 digit VIN between JN1GAPR34U0000101 and JN1GAPR34U0000180, or JN1GAPR34U0000001.


Official Images

Images sourced from Middlehurst.


Great Britain V-Spec Brochure

Brochure scan kindly provided by Matt Tung-Yep.


Great Britain V-Spec News Release

Scan provided by K66 SKY via gtr.co.uk


Middlehurst Documents & Upgrade Packages

Scans provided by SHAVEDASS.  

Links & Credit

gtr.co.uk thread
Matt Tung-Yep for brochure scans.
K66 SKY for news release scans.
Richard Wardle for many of the photos, info on press/prototype cars.
Andy Middlehurst for info on prototypes and for his work on making these cars exist.
The GTR Heritage Center for the lead on JN1GAPR34U0000001 which was missing.
SHAVEDASS for the documents and package scans.