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Nissan GT-R R35: Egoist (Japan, Europe) + VVIP (Middle East)

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A54 - Solid Red GAG - Jet Black KAB - Super Silver KAD - Gunmetal QAG - Ultimate Opal White
      A54 GAG KAB KAD QAG ??? Total
  Egoist/VVIP Seat Colour              
  UK RHD (MY12) Egoist   1 0 0 1 0 0 2
  Europe LHD (MY12)* Egoist   0 1 0 0 2 0 3
  Middle East (MY12) VVIP   0 1 0 0 1 0 2
  Japan (MY12) Egoist   0 2 1 0 14 1 18
  Japan (MY13) Egoist   0 3 1 0 5 0 9
  UK RHD (MY14) Egoist White 0 1 0 0 0 0 1
  Japan (MY14) Egoist   0 3 0 0 3 0 6
  Total   1 11 2 1 25 1 41
* Special Notes - It is possible that JN1GANR35U0130001 is
also an Egoist car which would mean the total would be 42.
* 1 Japan (MY12) unknown colour.
    VINModel Code    SpecificationsNotes
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Note: It is possible that JN1GANR35U0130001 is also a Egoist car which would mean the total would be 42.


VVIP Press Release

Middle East Press Release

The Legend is Back Nissan Middle East Releases the 2012 Model Year VVIP Nissan GT-R

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (March 2, 2011): The "World of GT-R" expands again this year with the addition an ultra-exclusive "VVIP" version to the Middle East region. The GT-R ‘VVIP” can be custom-ordered according to the precise desires of each individual customer.

Nissan Middle East announced the launch of its new luxury specification GT-R “VVIP” edition during a special media and customer event, which took place at Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi and was attended by FIA Vice President and UAE Rally legend Mohammed Ben Sulayem.

The 2012 GT-R’s 3.8-litre V6 engine now produces 530 hp at 6400 rpm as against the older model’s 485hp, while torque is also up to 62.5 kg-m . The all-wheel drive 2012 GT-R has become even more rapid and can sprint from 0-100kph in just three seconds. Despite the increase in power, the 2012 GT-R features a host of fuel saving measures which help increase overall fuel efficiency to 8.5kpl (Japan market measurement). Emission levels also have been reduced and the new GT-R is greener than its predecessor.

A black carbon fibre rear spoiler and 24 karat gold plated side panels, grill and all exclusive VVIP badge visually differentiates this luxurious supercar from its sibling. Inside, the 2012 VVIP GT-R features hand created leather interiors by master craftsmen at Seton Company Inc. Muelheim an der Ruhr in Germany. The seats feature an exclusive quilted design combined with reticular pattern.

Orders for the “VVIP” Nissan GT-R can now be made through Nissan dealers across the GCC region and Lebanon.

2012 VVIP GT-R Model Overview

Nissan GT-R VVIP in the Middle East market is the first and only Nissan GT-R in the world exclusively created by Takumi, or "master with greatest skills." Each customer can choose a combination of interior colors among 12 choices. In addition, the Bose® sound system is exclusively tuned according to the driving position of each driver to meet every customer’s needs. This is the ultimate expression of the Nissan GT-R.

Customers can choose a combination of interior colors among 12 choices, four upper area interior colors and seven lower area interior colors. Interior parts are sent to Seton Company, Inc. Muelheim an der Ruhr in Germany and leather master craftsmen sew and stick carefully selected leather by hand.

Seats are an exclusive quilted design with single and double stitching combined in a reticular pattern. Enhanced body grip performance (suitable for racing circuit driving), smoothness and fit are all provided.

Wajima Lacquer (Maki-e) Emblem
Wajima Maki-e with deep coloring and glaze created by Mr. Sakae Kubota, an accredited traditional craftsman for Japanese lacquer, is used for the GT-R emblem at the center of the steering wheel. The beautiful coloring of Maki-e changes as time goes by.

Bose® Precision Sound System
Specially developed carbon composite-based woofers, which can cancel vibrations through their high rigidity and damping, are installed. In addition, sound quality is adjusted by Bose® exclusively for each owner, depending on individual driving position.

Carbon Rear Spoiler
VVIP adopts a dry carbon rear spoiler (also used in the SpecV). Providing stable aerodynamic performance, even when driving at more than 300km/h, the rear spoiler gives an intense look in the rear with its black carbon color.


VVIP Exterior Images


VVIP Interior Images

Each seat combines double and single stitching into elegant quilted upholstery. Even the thread quality and strength must live up to the highest standards, a soft-to-touch, silky texture. With sensory comfort and grip suitable for a race circuit, you can't help but feel like you and the Nissan GT-R VVIP are one.
Each GT-R VVIP comes with a unique touch. On the steering wheel, you will find the glowing gold lacquer GT-R Emblem, crafted by the Ministry of Economics, Trade and Industry-certified artist, Mr. Sakae Kubota. It symbolizes GT-R's Japanese heritage and its sense of master design. True to he unseen elegance of any Maki-e lacquer piece, the rich tone and luster of this creation will change and develop in time, symbolizing the deep bond between you and your Nissan GT-R VVIP.
The leather used within the cabin is flown in from Seton Mulheim an der Ruhr, Germany, the best of the best leather manufacturer. It is then hand-treated and trimmed to create a durable, smooth and perfectly shaped body. Choose between 12 custom-created interior styles and 7 unique interior color options.


VVIP Additional Images


Egoist Exterior Images


Egoist Interior Images


Egoist Dedicated Equipment

Special Equipment (From Japan website)

★ Wajima lacquer steering emblem
★ GT-R EGOIST exclusive leather / Alcantara instrument panel, console, door trim, rear side, pillar trim, roof trim (with quilting)
★ GT-R EGOIST dedicated leather interior color (basic color)
★ GT-R EGOIST dedicated fabric carpet
★ GT-R EGOIST dedicated leather cleaner
★ leather car verification case
★ GT-R EGOIST dedicated leather seats (only quilting, stitching)
★ Carbon fibre rear spoiler (with LED-type high-mount brake light)
★  Titanium muffler
★ GT-R EGOIST dedicated emblem
★ Rays lightweight forged aluminum wheels (chrome color coat) (GT-R EGOIST-only color)

Price: 15,000,300 円
Ultimate Opal White (3RP) <#QAG> (special paint color) + 525,000 yen
Ultimate Metal Silver (4M) <#KAB> (special paint color) + 315,000 yen
Aurora Flare Blue Pearl (2P) <#RAY> (special paint color) + 42,000 yen
Meteor Flake Black Pearl (2P) <#GAG> (special paint color) + 42,000 yen

Specifications 1, Specifications 2
Bose Precision Sound System
The aluminum die-cast panel front, fitted with a high-performance woofer that has been supported by a carbon composite base.
Carbon composite of high rigidity dampens the vibration of a large capacity woofer. Produces an innovative audio that combines unprecedented well-honed sense of transparency.

At the time of your order, we will actually sit you in the car for measurement to check the best position for sound. Based on the result, the sound quality setting that BOSE company tailors is for the best position. This is the world's first technique for BOSE Corporation.
Wajima Lacquer Steering Emblem
Traditional craftsman Mr. Sakae Kubota paints, polishes and sharpens for emblem which takes about a month of effort. The deep color and gloss of lacquer is a unique and beautiful shade that changes in each time. Japanese tradition and attention continues to shine the in front of the owner's eyes. Combined with traditional european leather craft, the traditional Japanese crafts of lacquer is a co-star in the cockpit.
Dry Carbon Rear Spoiler
Titanium Exhaust
Wheels and Carbon Cermaic Brakes
Based on racing specification carbon ceramic brakes, they have been developed with the main of both performance and day to day running.

The brakes enables weight reduction of about 5kg per wheel compared to steel brakes, which significantly reduces the combined unsprung weight with the forged aluminum wheels. In addition, the braking force, fade-resistant performance, control performance, etc., have been developed with the aim of race cars.


Egoist Accessories

Matching Floor mats

Muelheim Brown / Red / Black / White (front seats only).

Using the same fabric as floor carpet.
Rays Forged Aluminium Rims

Rays forged aluminum wheel Hyper titanium color

20 × 9.5J (front), 20 × 10.5J (rear)
Reversing Camera
Driver's Video Recorder
VICS Beacon Kit (additional SatNav Details etc)
LED Headlight Cancel Switch
Racing Suit Hanger
Using a 20 inch front aluminium wheel as the base stand. The strut and top plate are of dry carbon fibre.

For customers who enjoy circuit racing, you can use it as a hanger to hang clothes such coat and tie, and as a dedicated racing suit hanger to put in the garage.

Specifications (racing suit hanger)
Material: Dry carbon (top panel), carbon decorative (strut)
NISSAN GT-R EGOIST 20 inch front aluminum wheels (stand)
Size: Height about 1753mm, width of about 508mm
Hooks: 12 places
Tote Bag

It is a tote bag for women. We use the same leather as the seat of the GT-R EGOIST (Germany SETON, Inc.) for the material. You can enjoy the leather texture for it is soft and fluffy and of the highest quality, which has been carefully selected for the seat. In the central portion the quilting design element has been used, which also incorporats the stitching.

This is a handmade made to order item crafted by our most experienced craftsmen.

Specifications (tote bag)
Color: Brown, White
Material: Leather
Size: about W435mm × H300mm × D130mm


Official Nissan Egoist Video