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Nissan GT-R R35: Nismo Club Sports Package

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Nismo Club Sports Package

This section displays information and photos of the Nismo Club Sports Package. This was an early package released for the R35 in 2010. This is one of, if not the only, Nismo package available outside of Japan. It was available in Japan, United Kingdom, South Africa and possibly other regions.

"Nismo Club Sports Package" is a total upgrade menu jointly developed by Nismo and Nissan. The vehicle was developed towards performance goals, while taking in to consideration high sports performance on the highway. In addition, vehicle warranty will not be affected.

The cost of the package was 5,200,000 yen (5,460,000 yen with tax) and consists of a Chassis Package, Carbon Bucket Seat and Titanium Exhaust System. These parts were also available separately for purchase.

The package cost £28,500 in UK on top of the vehicle cost.


Official Photos


Chassis Package

Parts Manufacturer Specification
Suspension Bilstein  Bilstein Damp Tronic (3 mode switching)
Same shape as Nissan original
Color - black, with "NISMO" logo
Spring constant Front 181 N/mm (18.5 kgf / mm)
Rear 94 N / mm (9.6 kgf / mm)
Color - red, with "NISMO" logo
No change in height
Wheels and Tyres Nismo / Bridgestone Nismo's first tire development. Improved handling stability and high speed cornering.
Jointly developed with Bridgestone

Front: 255/40 ZRF20 Potenza RE 070 R
Run flat tires &
20 inch aluminum wheel

Rear: 285/35 ZRF20 Potenza RE 070 R
Run flat tires &
20 inch aluminum wheel

Wheel raised aluminum forging 1 piece
Color gun metallic

Dedication Suspension

Dedicated Suspension + Wheel

Rear Wheel


Carbon Bucket Seat

Parts Manufacturer Specification
Carbon Bucket Seat Nismo SpecV Specification. Note: Side airbag unable to be used with this seat.
Weight reduction of 6 kg compared to standard Nissan seat.
Designed as a racing seat that can be used on public roads.

Carbon Bucket Seat

Nismo Logo

Carbon Shell


Titanium Exhaust System

Parts Manufacturer Specification
Titanium Exhaust System Nissan SpecV Specification.
Weight reduction of 5kg compared to standard Nissan item.

Exclusive Rear Diffuser Nismo NACA Duct added

Titanium Exhaust

Titanium Exhaust

Titanium Exhaust Tips

Titanium Exhaust + Rear Diffuser

Rear Diffuser


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