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Nissan GT-R R35: Nismo Clubman Race Spec (CRS) MY13 - MY16

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Note: There is no exact Clubman Race Spec Specification
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     Nismo CRSBase Car Colour  Info



This section displays updated information and photos released by Nismo in 2019. The Nismo Clubman Race Spec is a package provided by Nismo which can be applied to existing customer owned cars. They are not entire cars for sale by Nismo.

The bonnet (hood) was updated in 2019.


Official Photos



Parts Manufacturer Specification
Body Colour   Dark Metal Gray (M) <#KAD>



Parts Manufacturer Specification
VR38DETT In development Overhaul + S1
 ├ Turbocharger Nissan MY11 Genuine
 ├ Camshaft Nismo  GT3 Specification
 └ ECM & TCM Nismo  Exclusive Goods
Sports Titanium Muffler In development Weight: 9.4kg (compared to genuine-8.0 kg) ※ Measured Value of NISMO
Sports Catalyst In development  
Engine Oil Nismo  COMPETITION OIL 2193E 5W40

Overhaul + S1 (Prototype)

Sports Titanium Muffler (Prototype)




Parts Manufacturer Specification
Front LSD Nismo 1.5 Way
GT LSD Pro Carbon Nismo 2 Way
Differential & Transmission Oil Nismo COMPETITION OIL 2189E 75W140

Front LSD

GT LSD Pro Carbon




Parts Manufacturer Specification
Sports Suspension Kit Nismo OHLINS NISMO Original Specification, 4 Way
Front Upper Link Set Nismo Camber Angle Change
Stabilizer Kit Nismo Rear 3-stage Adjustment Type
Wheel Nissan GT-R Nismo (MY17) Original Wheel
Tire Dunlop Genuine for GT-R Nismo

Sports Suspension Kit

Sports Suspension Kit (Fitted Example)

Front Upper Link Set

Stabilizer Kit

GT-R Nismo (MY17) Original Wheel



Parts Manufacturer Specification
Carbon Hood (more info) Nismo Made of Dry Carbon
Front Under Spoiler Nismo Made of FRP
Front Fender Set Nismo Made of FRP
Side Skirt Set Nismo Made of FRP
Rear Under Spoiler Set Nismo Made of FRP
Add-on Rear Spoiler Nismo Made of Dry Carbon
Rear Diffuser Fin Set Nismo Made of Dry Carbon

Front Under Spoiler

Front Fender Set

Side Skirt Set

Rear Under Spoiler Set

Add-on Rear Spoiler

Rear Diffuser Fin Set
Carbon Hood


New Photos December 2019


GT-R Magazine #146 Feature


Nismo Clubman Race Spec
Dec 2019 Images