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Nissan GT-R R35: Other Nismo Packages, Upgrades and Maintenance

Sporty Driving Check | Chassis Refresh | Sports Suspension Kit | Transmission Repair Service


Sporty Driving Check

For the NISSAN GT-R (R35), “Front & Rear Inspection” is important for sports driving. 
By carrying out this inspection, Nissan's vehicle warranty can be reapplied (returned) after running on a circuit or VDC-R Off mode. In addition, since there are various inspection items, it can be used as one of daily inspections. 


Work Contents: 
1. Oil and Cooling Water  
Oil and cooling water leakage from under the car body, bleeding Inspection
Engine oil level adjustment / inspection (oil temperature history, leakage, bleeding) Inspection
Adjustment of amount and concentration of pressurized reservoir tank cooling water Adjustment
Power steering fluid volume and leakage Inspection
Amount of brake fluid Inspection
Transmission & final differential oil check (oil temperature history, leakage, blur) Inspection
2. Engine  
Thermal damage around the catalytic converter Inspection
Checking the clearance of the muffler finisher and rear bumper (only for GT-R genuine muffler equipped vehicles) Inspection
Check and adjust the clearance between the muffler and surrounding parts Inspection / Adjustment
3. Transmission  
Adjustment of clutch clearance and shift fork position Adjustment
Is the tight corner braking phenomenon extremely large? Inspection
4. Drive Shaft  
Cracks and damage to dust boots on drive shaft universal joints Inspection
5. Brake System  
Brake pipe, hose leakage, damage, installation condition Inspection
Brake pad condition (wear, burn, cracks and damage) Inspection
Brake disc condition (wear, cracks and damage) Inspection
Brake master cylinder and caliper leakage Inspection
Wipe off the grease on the front brake pads Cleaning
Apply grease to front brake pads Refueling
Bleeding the front brake fluid (when driving for the first sport after a new car or after replacing the brake fluid or when driving a hard sport) Inspection
Checking brake parts for thermal deterioration Inspection
Brake pad break-in (only during the first sports run after pad replacement) * Non-NCCB equipped vehicles Inspection
Splash guard and brake rotor clearance confirmation * Only for cars equipped with NCCB Inspection
Clearance around the air guide * Only for cars equipped with NCCB Inspection
6. Wheels and Tires  
Wheel balance weight aluminum tape pasting Exchange
Presence or absence of wheel nut locking when removing and attaching tires Inspection
Presence or absence of wheel nut mounting part seating surface deformation Inspection
Looseness of wheel nut and center nut for drive shaft Inspection
Torque tightening of wheel nut Tightening
Check whether wheel bearing (hub) is rattled or stuck in the rotational direction Inspection
The tire position on the inside of the wheel Inspection
Presence / absence of misalignment (rim displacement) of wheel and tire rotation direction alignment Inspection
Inspection and adjustment of tire pressure Inspection / Adjustment
Tire air valve and nut loose Inspection
Nitrogen leak (air leak) Inspection
Tire groove depth Inspection
Abnormal tire wear Inspection
Tire cracks and damage Inspection
Side protector (sidewall) on the outer tire side Inspection
7. Steering  
Looseness, backlash and damage of steering system rods and arm bolts and nuts Inspection
Loose installation of the steering gear box Inspection
8. Suspension  
Shock absorber damage, oil leak Inspection
Suspension attachment, loose connection, looseness and damage Adjustment
Wheel alignment measurement (adjustment) Inspection / Adjustment
* Oils and consumable parts are not included in the inspection fee.
* Wheel alignment adjustment costs are not included in the inspection costs.
* A separate fee will be charged if additional maintenance occurs due to inspection results.
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Chassis Refresh

Deterioration of the undercarriage (mainly rubber products such as bushes and mounts, including the shock absorber body) is an unavoidable problem. Vibration and abnormal noises are the signs of undercarriage degradation. NISMO Omori Factory has set up a refresh plan for the NISSAN GT-R that will bring back the performance to that of a new car.


Work Contents:
1. Mounting    
Engine Mount FR, RR Exchange
Muffler Mounting Exhaust bar mounting Exchange
2. Powertrain    
Transmission Body Inspection / Adjustment
Transmission oil, mission mount, water hose Exchange
Drive Shaft FR outer boots (RH / LH), FR inner boots (RH / LH), RR inner boots (RH / LH), RR outer boots (RH / LH), short parts Exchange
Differential FR differential oil, side oil seal, RR differential oil Exchange
Propeller Shaft Body Inspection
Short parts Exchange
3. Axle    
Hub FR, RR Inspection / Adjustment
Hub bolt (FR / RR), FR hub bearing oil seal, FR hub, FR hub bearing, RR hub, RR hub bearing Exchange
4. Suspension    
Link Arm Transverse link (RH / LH), FR upper link assembly (RH / LH), RR upper link assembly (RH / LH), RR lower arm (RH / LH), RR radius rod, RR suspension member assembly Exchange
Bush Mount RR ASKUL Bush, RR ASKUL S / ABS Bush, FR Stabilizer Bush, FR Stabilizer Connecting Rod, RR Stabilizer Bush Exchange
S / ABS Spring FR, RR Exchange
Upper mount (FR / RR), FR dust cover, RR dust cover, Shock absorber (FR / RR), Spring (FR / RR) Exchange
Alignment alignment Adjustment
5. Brake    
Rotor FR, RR Inspection
Pad FR, RR Inspection
Caliper FR seal kit, RR seal kit Exchange
Brake Hose FR, RR Exchange
Side Brake side brake Inspection / Adjustment
Master Cylinder Assembly Exchange
ABS Main body, piping air vent Inspection
Fluid Fluid Exchange
6. Steering    
Rack-And-Pinion Steering column joint, rod assembly, rod end, boot kit Exchange
Power Steering Hose & tube, clamp Exchange
Air vent Power steering oil Exchange
7. Other    
Chemical & Short Parts Set Exchange
8. Check Running    
Check Running Check running Final Inspection
FR = Front    
RR = Rear    
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Sports Suspension Kit

This is a sports suspension kit based on OHLINS with NISMO original tuning for circuit driving. The suspension body is NISMO original specification based on OHLINS 4way developed for racing.

The setting allows the tire performance to be improved upon the standard suspension without. In particular, the rear suspension has been improved. Combined with an optional front upper link set and stabilizer kit, it demonstrates even higher performance.


Part no. Spring constant N / m (kgf / mm) Specification Vehicle height change fee When damping force is 0.3m / sec
Fr Rr Fr Rr Fr Rr
Extension N (kgf) Pressure N (kgf) Extension N (kgf) Pressure N (kgf)
53110-RSR57 170
Full length adjustable damping force Low speed side (Low) 40 steps / High speed side (high) 50 steps adjustable type -15-0mm -15-0mm Low15 stage High25 stage 2867 (293) Low22 stage High20 stage 1508 (154) Low17 stage High15 stage 2959 (302) Low32 stage High36 stage 953 (97)
53110-RSR58 160


Price List:
Vehicle Model Application Part no. price
NISSAN GT-R R35 '07 -'13 model For genuine run flat tire (DL) for NISMO 53110-RSR57 1,510,000
For commercial radial tires (RE71R (BS), A052 (YH), ​​etc.) 53110-RSR58 1,510,000
* Price includes alignment adjustment fee.


Since this product is a made-to-order product, cancellation after receiving an order cannot be accepted.
Because the emphasis is on performance on the circuit, the ride becomes harder during daily use.
Vehicle height change allowance may vary by about ± 10mm depending on individual vehicle differences and equipment.
Mode switching with the shock absorber setup switch cannot be used.


Handling Store:
Nismo Omori Factory
Nismo Performance Center
Nova Engineering Co., Ltd.




Transmission Repair Service

NISSAN GT-R (R35) transmission disassembly repair service is available. Contact Nismo for any enquiries.