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For Sale:

R35 GT-R SpecV LHD Euro.
Year: 2010 MY11
Colour: KH3 Black
Location: Croatia
25k in recent upgrades now completed!
Priced at 100k Euro.
Ultra rare SpecV, #10/24 for Europe.

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For Sale:

R34 GT-R V-Spec Active Red
UK Delivered #22/81
£25000 recent complete restoration
Full service history
1 previous owner

Priced at £149,995

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Ends on: Dec 06 at 01:45pm MST

Located in Alberta, Canada.
15,600 km with matching export and auction documents
Repainted in KH6 Pearl White
No history of accidents or repair

GTR-Registry.com » Nissan GT-R R35 Portal » Nissan GT-R R35: Version Up / Engine Version Up

GTR-Registry.com » Nismo Portal » Nissan GT-R R35: Version Up / Engine Version Up

Nissan GT-R R35: Version Up / Engine Version Up

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Version Up is for the R35 GT-R 2007-2010 model to upgrade to 2013 specification. This combines the engine upgrade, Nismo Sports Reset (Type 1) and suspension version upgrade.
Engine Version Upgrade
An engine version upgrade aimed at improving response in the mid-high range around 5500 rpm and further growth in the high range above 6500 rpm.

Turbocharger response is improved by modifying the turbochargers. A new intake manifold with improved join accuracy to the cylinder head is fitted. The injectors are changed to high output injectors. A low resistance catalytic converter is fitted to the exhaust. The cooling capacity is improved by increasing the circulation rate of the engine coolant. Lastly a high precision boost sensor is also fitted.

Nismo Sports Resetting
A new ECM (Engine Control Module) and TCM (Transmission Control Module) are fitted to remove the speed limiter.

Suspension Version Up
The suspension upgrade aims to improve the handling for all driving styles and conditions to 2013 specification. Spring, shock absorber, stabilizer and front upper and lower links are changed.


Component Parts

Engine Turbocharger bypass special part
Intake manifold with improved surface join accuracy
High output accuracy control special injector
Low resistance catalytic converter
Modified thermostat
High precision boost sensor
Nismo Sports Resetting Dedicated ECM & Dedicated TCM
Suspension 2013 model specification shock absorber
2013 model specification spring front & rear
2013 model specification front stabilizer
2011 model specification front upper link (for negative camber)
2011 model specification front lower link


Compatible Models

NISSAN GT-R (R35) 2007-2010 model Japanese domestic specifications (excluding Spec V and Club Track Edition) 
* Not available for vehicles after 2011.


Price List

Name Price
Full upgrade menu 1,420,800
For customers who have already installed Nismo Sports Resetting:
Full upgrade menu 1,320,800
* Part replacement and costs may be required depending on vehicle conditions. 
The Engine upgrade is also available by itself, without the suspension version up
NISMO catalyzer specification 906,000
2013 model specification 684,000
For customers who have already installed Nismo Sports Resetting:
NISMO catalyzer specification 806,000
2013 model specification 584,000
* Part replacement and costs may be required depending on vehicle conditions. 


Handling Store

NISMO Omori Factory
NISMO Performance Centers nationwide
Nova Engineering Co., Ltd. (NISSAN GT-R special service factory)
NordRing (NISSAN GT-R special service factory)