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Nissan GT-R R35: GT-R Nismo Special Edition (MY24+)

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NOTE: Only the Japanese version is called the Nismo Special Edition. It includes the high precision engine. The USA car is called a GT-R Nismo (MY24+) and is available with a "NISMO Appearance Package". As it does not have the high precision engine it is not being called the Special Edition, and those cars will not be listed on this page.

GT-R Nismo Special Edition MY24+ Announcement Press Release | GT-R Nismo Special Edition MY24+ Images | Changes for GT-R Nismo Special Edition MY24+ | GT-R Nismo Special Edition MY24+ Videos

This page is covering the GT-R Nismo Special Edition (MY24+). The GT-R Nismo Special Edition (MY24+) is a special edition of the GT-R Nismo (MY24+) only available in Japan. This page details the Special Edition Changes.

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USA is not included on this page. Check the GT-R Nismo (MY24+) page.
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GT-R Nismo Special Edition MY24 Press Release

Nissan Press Release

Special edition "NISSAN GT-R Premium edition T-spec" and "NISSAN GT-R NISMO Special edition" to be exhibited at Tokyo Auto Salon 2023

[Note - This is the complete 2024 GT-R press release which contains information about all of the 2024 changes and lineup, including the Nismo Special Edition. It is a translation of the Japanese press release]

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nishi-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture; President: Makoto Uchida) announced on the 13th that the 2024 model of the "NISSAN GT-R" will be announced and released prior to its release, and the special edition car "NISSAN GT-R" will be released. Premium edition T-spec" and "NISSAN GT-R NISMO Special edition" were unveiled at Tokyo Auto Salon 2023. The 2024 NISSAN GT-R is scheduled to be announced and released this spring (only the NISSAN GT-R NISMO is scheduled to be released this summer).

Based on the product concept of pursuing ultimate driving pleasure, the NISSAN GT-R has continued to evolve as a premium super sports car that boasts overwhelming performance. The 2024 model released this time pursues not only speed but also sophisticated ride quality, seeking a high level of total balance. COO Ashwani Gupta said at the unveiling event of this model, "This model, which combines state-of-the-art technology and craftsmanship, has a new design and should be the culmination of the R35 model."

The 2024 NISSAN GT-R has improved aerodynamic performance and a refined ride. While maintaining maximum output, unnecessary noise and vibration during driving have been reduced, and the comfort in the car has been pursued by realizing a sound that resonates with finely tuned sensibilities. In addition, a special specification named "T-spec" was named from the desire to be a "Trend Maker" that continues to be a car that drives the times, and the idea that it is a "Traction Master" that firmly grips the ground and drives. The car "NISSAN GT-R Premium edition T-spec" adopts special suspension settings and special carbon ceramic brakes, etc., realizing both a more supple and high-quality ride and the pleasure of being able to control it at will.

On the other hand, "NISSAN GT-R NISMO" is the best performance in the history of GT-R, such as maximizing racing technology, polishing aerodynamic performance, tuning suspension, and improving cornering performance by adding front mechanical LSD. will demonstrate. In addition, the exclusive RECARO carbon back bucket seat that supports driving has also been renewed, improving the sense of unity with the vehicle and improving comfort. In addition, the NISSAN GT-R NISMO Special edition uses high-precision weight-balanced engine parts such as piston rings, connecting rods, and crankshaft.


GT-R Nismo Special Edition MY24+ Images


Changes for GT-R Nismo Special Edition MY24+

Note: There is a GT-R Nismo Special Edition version and a GT-R Nismo (standard) version for MY24. Note that there is no Nismo Special Edition in USA. There is an optional Appearance Package available.
GT-R Nismo Special Edition (MY24+) changes compared to the GT-R Nismo (MY24+). Awaiting official list from Nissan.
★ Clear-coated carbon fiber hood (saves 100 grams in weight)
★ High-precision, weight-balanced engine parts including piston rings, connecting rods, crankshaft, flywheel, crank pulley and valve springs dialed in with tighter tolerances, to deliver quicker revs and turbo spooling
★ Special Edition engine cover
Nissan GT-R Nismo Special Edition (MY24+) changes compared to GT-R Nismo Special Edition (MY21.5 - MY23)
★ New front face
★ New rear end, Nismo badge is now located in the middle
★ New rear wing
★ New seats
★ New front limited slip differential
GT-R Nismo MY20 - MY24+ Model New Equipment compared to previous MY17 - MY19 version
★ Carbon roof
★ Nismo carbon hood (with NACA duct)
★ Nismo dedicated carbon front fender (with air outlet)
★ Nismo dedicated GT3 turbine (IHI high efficiency, large capacity turbo)
★ Carbon ceramic brake (NCCB: Nissan Carbon Ceramic Brake)
★ Rays 20-inch aluminium forged wheel (design only)
★ Newly developed suspension / high grip tire
Nissan GT-R Nismo (MY24+) and GT-R Nismo Special Edition (MY24+) Main Equipment compared to Premium Edition (MY24+)
★ Nismo carbon front bumper / undercover
★ Nismo carbon side sill protector
★ Nismo carbon rear bumper
★ Nismo carbon rear spoiler
★ Nismo dry carbon trunk lid
★ Nismo VR38 engine 600HP
★ Body bonding to key spot welds
★ #KCE Stealth Gray colour only for GT-R Nismo and GT-R Nismo Special Edition
★ Front limited slip differential


GT-R Nismo Special Edition (MY24) Videos