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Rowen R35 GT-R: Complete Car (2017)

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Rowen Complete Car (2017)

In 2014, the Tommy Kaira brand was integrated into Rowen. Rowen have their own complete car which is why this car is listed in the Tommy Kaira section of the website.
A complete car that attracts the envy of car enthusiasts. We at ROWEN are also focusing on producing complete cars equipped with our own original brand body kits, exhaust systems, aluminum wheels, etc.
This complete car is sold based on a used car with mileage up to 30,000 km. The vehicle base is the Pure Edition.

Complete Price including car: From 13,700,000 yen
Complete parts price as package: 2,600,000 yen


Parts List

ROWEN Aero KIT 5 points total 
● Front Spoiler
● Side Step 
● Rear Bumper Extension
● Rear Fender arch Extension
● Rear Wing VER2

Note: Bonnet/hood isn't listed but is displayed in images
Kw Down suspension
● 4-wheel alignment adjustment
● Prodrive 20AW
● Body coating (strong water repellent)
● Rear Window Film
● ACC air suspension Air runner
● ROWEN titanium nut
● ROWEN brake caliper cover
● Security Jupiter Argus380


Parts Images

Side View Bonnet
Front Bumper Side Step
Bonnet Rear Fender arch Extension
Front Bumper Front Bumper
Rear Fender arch Extension Rear Wing VER2