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Nissan Stagea Autech Version 260RS

Identification Guides | Official Images | Changes from Standard | VIN Plate | 260RS Series 1.5 Brochure | 260RS Series 2 Brochure | Links & Credits
GV1 - Black Pearl KJ6 - Dark Bluish Black Pearl KR4 - Sonic Silver QT1 - Pearl White WK1 - Silky Snow Pearl
  GV1 KJ6 KR4 QT1 WK1 Total
260RS (Series 1.5) - 196 138 - 652 986
260RS (Series 2) 122 - 192 434 - 748
Total 122 196 330 434 652 1734
Note: There are 4x Series 1.5 cars and 2x Series 2 cars with no records. As such it's possible the actual number might be slightly higher.
    VINModel Code    SpecificationsNotes
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Identification Guides

Classic Register's 260RS Series 1.5 Identification Guide
Classic Register's 260RS Series 2 Identification Guide


Official Images

Series 1.5
Series 2


Changes from Standard

RB26DETT Engine  
5 Speed Manual Transmission  
Dedicated Electronically Controller Power Steering  
Rear Mechanical LSD  
Exclusive Exhaust  
Dedicated Suspension System  
Bridgestone Potenza RE010 Tyre  
Exclusive Brembo Brake System  
Exclusive Electric Super HICAS  
Exclusive Electronically Controlled 4WD ATTESA E-TS  
Front Strut Tower Bar  
Front Cross Bar  
Strengthened Tunnel Stay (referring to bracing in transmission tunnel)  
Rear Strut Tower Strengthened  
Strengthened C Pillars  
Triple Cross Bar  
Special Sports Seats  
Special Seat Area and Door Trim Area  
Dedicated Genuine Leather Steering Wheel  
Leather Wrapped Shift Knob  
Leather Wrapped Parking Brake Lever  
Combination Meter  
Dedicated Triple Center Console Meter  
Dedicated Center Console  
Dedicated Finish (Instrument Panel, Power Window Switch)  
Dedicated Audio  
Exclusive Front Grill  
Dedicated Front Spoiler and Front Splitter  
Dedicated Side Sill Protector  
Exclusive Rear Under Protector  
Exclusive Large Roof Spoiler  
Exclusive Naming Sticker  
Dedicated Front Turn Signal Lamps (Smoked Lens)  
Dedicated Front Headlamps  
Super Fine Hard Coat  
Fog Lamps  
Rear Fog Lamp  
Door Mirrors with Heater  
High Performance Battery  
10k RPM tachometer  
17" BBS Exclusive Rims + Spare Tire
17 x 7 +30 front, 17 x 7 + 20 rear
Cover has double unicorn image


VIN Plate

Series 1.5 260RS all have a model code of TGKNRFAC34UDAP88AZ.
Series 2 260RS have a model code of TGKPREFC34UDAP88AZ (600 - with rear spoiler) or TGKPREFC34UDAP99AZ (148 - with no rear spoiler.)


Nissan Stagea Autech 260RS Brochure Series 1.5


Nissan Stagea Autech 260RS Brochure Series 2

Links & Credits

Official Website:
260RS Series 1.5
260RS Series 2
Scans, some information by JezBoosted (collection) & Autech Japan. Some translations courtesy of Kristian Appelt.