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Tommykaira R32 GT-R: R

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Tommykaira R

For tuners, the adjectives "eternal" or "absolute" are like a dream that always seems like it's about to come true but can't be grasped...This [R], which Tommykaira has been developing for a long time, is based on the experience we have accumulated so far. It contains all the thoughts we have about the fully tuned car. The car name intentionally does not include the engine displacement or the standard "M", but instead displays a single word, [R]. We want you to feel our spirit in this simple name. Above all, be Tommykaira.

The mission of the [R] was to provide the rider with a unique taste unlike any other car. The starting performance and idling are so stable that you wouldn't think it's a tuned machine. Once warmed up, a strong feeling of torque is transmitted through the reinforced twin-plate clutch. The delicate feeling required when engaging the clutch into first gear creates a tense feeling that tests even those who are used to driving manual cars, and their sense is put to the test. You'll discover the joy of operating the [R], with its short strokes and snappy shifts. For example, there is pleasure in driving the [R] during repeated go-stops in the city, but the scenes where it really shows its true potential are winding roads and circuits. The rear tire, which does not easily break even under the slightest circumstances, is the true essence of Tommykaira, which advocates safety.

We want you to experience the reliability of this strong stability as a basic performance essential to the high power output of 350ps. You can enjoy the steering stability of on-the-rails while ensuring a considerable average speed. The aggressive front spoiler is a design treatment that dramatically increases cooling efficiency. Along with the original intercooler installation, it takes every possible measure against heat and brings out the full potential of the brakes and suspension. Building a tuning car is not about replacing parts. We provide reliability and safety without unnecessarily chasing high power. Tommykaira [R] is a tuned GT-R that expresses the eternal "dream" that continues to stimulate the sensibilities of adults.
2dr. Coupe
Length/Width/ Height (mm) :4,545/1,755/1,340
Wheelbase (mm):2,615
Tread (mm):1,510 < Front & Rear>
Vehicle weight (kg):1,480

Straight-6, DOHC, twin-turbo with intercooler
Piston Displacement (cc) : 2,568
BoreX Stroke (mm) :86.0×73.7
Max output (ps/rpm) 350/7,600
Max torque (kg-m/rpm):36.0/6,000

front engine 4-wheels drive
Transmission : 5-speed manual
4 piston opposed type caliper + ventilated disc< Front >
2 piston opposed type caliper + ventilated disc < Rear>
Wheels:8JJX17, offset + 20mm
Tire: 245/40ZR17
Suspension: original shockabsorber + spring
Steering: rack & pinion < SUPER HICAS>

Power-weight ratio (kg):4.23
Output per liter (ps): 136.3
Standard Equipment

Complete design based on reliability. Its main parts are required to have the high quality that Tommykaira demands.

● Front grill (with Tommykaira emblem)
● Front spoiler
● Rear wing spoiler (angle adjustable)
● Tommykaira emblem (large)
● Model name emblem [R] (made of cloisonné)
● Side decal/side stripe (select)

● Steering wheel (genuine leather wrapped, 365mm)
● Steering wheel mounting boss
● Shift knob (genuine leather wrapped)
● Short stroke shift lever
● Footrest
● Combination meter assembly (300km/h speedometer included)
● Compound meter (52mmΦ)
● Exhaust temperature gauge (52mmΦ)
● Oil temperature gauge (52mmΦ)
● Triple meter guage cluster panel
● Floor mat

● Engine control unit
● Exhaust manifold x 2
● Turbocharger Assy×2
● Multi-cup super intercooler
● Sports exhaust system
● Twin plate clutch (with damper)
● Reinforced springs (front & rear)
● Original shock absorber (front & rear)
● Strut tower bar (front)
● Center head cover
● Oil filler cap
● Anti-fade brake pad (front)
● Forged aluminum 3-piece wheel x 4
● Tire <245/40ZR17> x 4
● Racing Bucket Seat - Based on the reliable Recaro racing type bucket seat with a proven track record in the motorsports scene, we have added a touch of Tommykaira. ¥185,000 driver;  ¥180,000 passenger
Vehicle Sales Price:

● Price is the price of the vehicle itself delivered at the Kyoto store. Registration fees and consumption tax are separate.
● Other equipment, options, and body colors are based on genuine Nissan.
● Prices, specifications, data, etc. are subject to change without notice.


Tommykaira RL Spec

The Tommykaira R32 was also available in a RL Spec (sometimes listed as R・L-spec). The only modifications done to the standard GT-R was a Tommykaira computer, and enhanced suspension. The spring was changed to a 40% stiffer setup. Engine output was listed as 300 ps (an increase of 20 ps over standard), and the RL Spec was made available 6 months after the R was announced, in 1995.

The RL Spec was available for only 300,000 yen more than the standard BNR32.

Available as an option for the RL Spec was the Tommykaira R aero kit and 17 x 8JJ Tommykaira aluminum wheels with 245/45R-17 tires. This was available for an additional 820,000 yen.

Also available were Tommykaira R interior options such as seats, steering wheel, shift knob etc.


R Images

Front main view Rear main view
Aero - front spoiler and front grill Rear wing spoiler (angle adjustable)
Tommykaira emblem Side decal
Steering wheel  Shift knob
Footrest Combination meter assembly
Triple meter guage cluster panel Floor mat
Engine bay Strut bar
Forged aluminum 3-piece wheel Tomma Kaira seats
Special version ECU Tommykaira's original shock absorber is made by Bilstein
Reinforced twin plate clutch Large air volume metal turbine turbochargers
Intercooler Sports Exhaust System


Tommykaira R Brochure




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